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What are you reading?

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Photo of Casey Harrington

“I am reading ‘The House of Spirits,’ by Isabel Allende. It’s about the history of an unnamed Latin American country that revolves around a family living there.”

Photo of Andrew Gindlesberger

“I just read ‘A Lion’s Tale,’ by Chris Jericho. It’s his autobiography about how he got started in professional wrestling. It’s an inspirational, follow-your-dreams-type of story. He had a lot of setbacks, but never gave up and finally made it.”

Photo of Dakota Driscoll

Love Walked In,’ by Marissa de los Santos. It’s about a mother and her daughter and a woman and her boyfriend and how all of their paths cross in life.”

Photo of Dennis Maygers

“I just finished ‘The Bourne Identity,’ by Robert Ludlum. I had seen and really liked all the movies, but I heard from someone that the books were much better and very different from the movies. So now I’m trying to read through them all. ”

Photo of Amy Toenjes

“I just finished reading ‘Kitchen Confidential,’ by Anthony Bourdain. It’s about him growing up and going through his culinary career in different restaurants.”


cool 5 years, 10 months ago

coastal retreats / architecture of the pacific northwestby linda leigh paul


SouthSide 5 years, 10 months ago

I am reading the Koran and the Bible's Old Testament. Interesting how they are so similar. Very insular and violent.


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