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Is your father difficult to shop for?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 15, 2008

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Photo of Dave Gebroe

“He’s actually a pleasure to shop for. He’s established a long-standing tradition; if he doesn’t like it, he’ll just give it back to you or tell you to take it back to the store.”

Photo of Kym Peterson

“He is. He has everything and doesn’t like anything. So I just give him a card and a phone call. The card is usually about a week late, but the call is always on time.”

Photo of Copper Ramberg

“No. My father has good taste in most things, so it’s easy for me to find something he’ll like.”

Photo of Jerry Blevins

“I don’t know. I just re-met my father last September, so this will be our first Father’s Day since I was about 5.”


devieh 10 years ago

considering he's dead. i could say yeah or no

labmonkey 10 years ago

I ususally just get dad a gift on father's day for mom's sake (he doens't really care about the holiday, but she does). Dad is easy to shop for...he is always happy with a new pair of jeans because he usually has a need for them. I think I will go down an mow for him this year though. Something useful so he can do something else useful.

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

"He is. He has everything and doesn't like anything. So I just give him a card and a phone call. The card is usually about a week late, but the call isalways on time."--above,he has everything, and doesn't like anything? wow, is he grumpy? so he doesn't like what he already has, and nothing you could give him would cheer him? glad you call him! I'll bet that's pretty important. ***well, I too have a bit of a quandry answering because my father is dead, for tthirty-two years. I do try to live my life in a way that would honor him. he was an idealist and so am I. when you see my sense of humor on these threads, that's thanks to Dad. RIP Dad, and thank you.

May Soo 10 years ago

When I was about 14 or 15, I always buy gifts for my father just because I love him but he never did like the gifts and it hurt my feelings so I quited buying gifts for my father and just give him cash instead or pay for the gifts that he pick out and it work out wonderfully and no feelings got hurt.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years ago

I shop for no man.I did build him a redwood coffee table out of his old picnic table which broke when I lept upon it while running around his backyard with the grandkids.I guess it's time to call him and ask if he has any furniture that I can remake into something. I forgot to break something this year!~)

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

Since he departed this earth 38 years ago, my answer would be no. But I'll fantasize about what he might like if he were alive: Mom said he was a true romantic so I think a card would be appreciated. He also loved family, so definitely a get-together (probably a cook-out), and since he loved to tinker and build, some good tools (although at the age he would be, he'd probably already have all the tools he needed). He loved loud music (anything but country) so I think I'd also purchase him some new batteries for his hearing aides...or his MP3 (whichever). :)

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

gnome, have you got your consealed carry yet? I'd buy you some ammo if you were my dad. :)

tonythetiger 10 years ago

NO, he has a concealed carry license and every father's day I go to a Gun Swap meet and buy off the table. Either that or I get him a few boxes of rounds.

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

gnome, Yes, I know you're not old enough to be my dad..but I was making you my "hypothetical" dad and I made you "hypothetically" old enough. And, yes, thank you to yellow rose for the cornbread stuffing recipe. I adore cornbread stuffing!!! ('cept I don't actually "stuff"). I do like my mom always did and make cornbread a couple of days beforehand, crumble it and leave it to sit out and get dry. (Now I want some stuffing!) Although, I believe I've eaten a bit too much food this weekend. Now I begin my week of undoing the damage.By the way, the peanut / peanut butter trick you gave me really helped with my mom's blood sugar. I have to thank you tons for that golden bit of advice.Say hello to your lovely lady for me!

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

wow,sunny-sue,I'm delighted! yes, when I get up each morning, crunch a big handful of no salt peanuts. do it without fail. I am so happy that helps your Mom! you know, I was reading that coenzyme q10 helps diabetes too, taken by jell cap. okay, I can be your Dad then sue! that's great. oh, my favorite is to stuff that stuffing in the turkey, morning just before roasting only. the stuffing is so d----d good! consistancy of mud! yeah! loads of sage/garlic, flavors the bird too. yummmm! I know what kinda stuffing you're talking about, but for me, I want from the bird. ***marion,doc holaday (sp?) of ok corral fame, had a "swing gun dangling between right arm and his side, sawed-off two barrel shotgun suspended from his shoulder. now, that's a personal security system! and, aiming is pretty easy!

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

T3:NO, he has a concealed carry license and every father's day I go to a Gun Swap meet and buy off the table.Either that or I get him a few boxes of rounds.nice. your Dad knows you're thinking of him, and his safety; you know you can buy what he'll like! works out pretty cool! just ignore the gun control nutbags. they choose to be victims. when guns are outlawed,than only outlaws will have guns.

maxcrabb 10 years ago

10 minutes at the visitor center across the street.Oh, i'm in Alaska...

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

well thanks sue,but ahem, I ain't old enough to be your Dad! ahem. thanks for the thoughtits just the beard that makes me look older than i really am! oh, yellowrose wants to know, months ago, did you get her cornbread dressing recipe? *A L E R T!!!!Sylas and Maddy's ice creamery downtown is giving free ice cream today to dads! can't go wrong with that for dad!

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

oh,sue,I should have added,if you're in the giving mood though, a gift rapped sawed-o off shotgun would be better; easier for me to aim! [inside joke]***sylas and maddy's was yummmmmm! and, crowded too! they close at 10p.m. we also went to papa keno's, it was good.

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