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How do you feel about having the Wakarusa Festival in the Lawrence area?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 6, 2008

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Photo of Tim Babwe

“I think it’s great. It brings a lot of interesting people that come from all across the country. It’s shades of Woodstock, and it’s good for the Lawrence economy.”

Photo of Erin Adams

“It’s not a big deal to me. But I work downtown and I notice a lot more panhandling after the festival.”

Photo of Brian Ervin

“I generally look forward to that weekend. It brings a lot of interesting and colorful people to Lawrence. There’s an air of excitement.”

Photo of Jan Spade

“I think the idea of a festival in Lawrence is great. This is a fun place to be and it gives you a real taste of Lawrence. In this state, this area is the only place like it.”


trinity 10 years ago

i'm thinkin' that alot of folks just need to get down off their soapboxes-and learn to live&let live. sheeeeeesh. life's more fun when you don't have your knickers in a knot.

Greg Yother 10 years ago

spacehog: Yeah, actually I was just trying to see if by "bluegrass" you meant the Split Lip type stuff. As that style becomes more en-vogue, I'm trying to figure out if folks are nick-naming that "bluegrass." Doesn't really matter; just interest me.

jonas 10 years ago

Yeesh. I try and be open-minded, but Tim scares the hell out of me. Think the photographer might have gotten a little too close. Something tells me he's going to be sucking my soul out in my dreams tonight.(nicotine patch, very vivid dreams)

riverdrifter 10 years ago

Only 18 days and 23 hours to Tom Waits at the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Peskajumba and "say hi to your mothers."

mainah 10 years ago

Good gracious T-O-B what do you consider "open"? Have you ever even been out there? Evidently not!

Greg Yother 10 years ago

correction: "it just interests me"...I'm not commanding you to "interest me" as my previous post suggests

Godot 10 years ago

So, mabe Dillons should have found a way to stage the tofu, hummus and boca burgers in the fresh produce section, but, what the hey. give them credit where credit is due. All those things are there if you look for them.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

It's a good thing all of the above posters have Real Lives and don't have to resort to ignorant judgmental rantings on an internet forum.

littleone 10 years ago

Don't mean to be such a poopie pants about this...but storm and terrapin2..I HAVE been to the festival and thats why I know what goes on..I was, no excused me, my husband was approached by a couple of "girls" (and that is being polite) wanting money for sex, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! This happened at least twice. So I thought, ok..well lets just take the little one and go down by the water for a while...we were approached by some guys trying to sell us drugs..So I thought ok...lets just go get the boat, cruise out on the water for a while..well you go around the corner and there are a bunch of people skinny dipping, (probably bathing) in the water..I have just a bad taste in my mouth about this event, if its for you all thats fine..just voicing my opinion about this..I think I am entitled...right?

Boston_Corbett 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

BrianR 10 years ago

I'm with Multi, mad scientists rock. At least if a mad scientist moves in next to you, your lawn won't die like it would of Motorhead moved in next to you.

jcantspell 10 years ago

Hygiene issues aren't exclusive to hippies. This is my second year at the festival and people there don't smell any different than those in the general population.

jcantspell 10 years ago

terrapin2-You have summed up my sentiments exactly! We have two kids, one adult and one teen, who are camping with their friends at the festival this year. Our entire family looks forward to this event and we all have a great time together.

Tbird1 10 years ago

i hate the festival due to all the idiots that it brings to my hometown

jumpin_catfish 10 years ago

Let the begging begin. Hey man, can you share some change.

Jimmy Lee Rose 10 years ago

Wow!! Now what more can I say!! The powers that be have blatantly censored my opinion!! Just because I was not posting the same moronic comments as these other people I was unnecessarily shut down!! Shame on the censors!! You obviously did not read past the first two lines or you would have noticed how "within your conservative guidelines" my comment was!! Bravo ljworld for proving you'll never be more than a "overly commercial, small town paper"!! PEACE!!!!

acg 10 years ago

Oh but if only I could be out there, mainah, but instead I have three offices, two children, a bun in the oven, a hubby that's working 7, 12's and a mother in law coming to visit tomorrow (my mother in law is gay) with her wife, whom I have no idea what to say to. So, as much as I want to be out there seeing Cake, which is one of my fav bands, I have too many helpings on my plate this weekend. Which is why I'm glad to see these kids out there having fun. Life mires you down at times and one day, you wake up and you're 35 and the responsibilities outweight party time and you don't know where it all went or when it all happened. You guys party on. I was that age, once and loved every minute of it. I just hope, as I age more, that I don't turn out to be like some of these posters, who from the sounds of it, have never done a crazy or wild thing in their lives. Can you imagine? Going thru your entire life that uptight? It would kill me to know I wasted a lifetime judging others for what I don't understand.

whatatown 10 years ago

Oh, get off it you old farts. This festival is a major temporary boost for the business economy of Lawrence and allows the rest of the country to get a taste of something truly amazing and super fun to combat the Kansas-sucks rumors. There is so much planning and work to be done year round for this thing that I find it a bit appalling that members of our community would so blatantly put down the hard work of so many others. I will be going, I will embrace the hippies, dance in the rain and itch my chigger bites. You enjoy sitting and home and judging. How's the view from down your nose?

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

acg, you're right: it's not natural!sgt, :P

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

Well, I really don't want to have it. My yard would get trampled, my neighbors would report the noise, and quite septic system really could not handle it. I say: keep it out at Clinton Park!

acg 10 years ago

Thanks multi, I dloaded the newest player so hopefully it will take care of my issues.

BrianR 10 years ago

I think having the Waka is great.

bad_dog 10 years ago

True that, classclown. I didn't say he doesn't appear "eccentric"... Jonas, I hear you too. He really is a funny and kind hearted guy, though. I'm sure he appreciates your support too, Multi.Have a great weekend everyone-with or without the Waki-fest!

acg 10 years ago

Sunnysue, what are you doing up at 2:41? That's unnatural. ; )

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

"'m just hanging around waiting for history to show that Flaming Lips was the fourth most overrated rock band "Just curious-- who is doing these ratings you refer to?BTW, musically the Lips are good, but I like them primarily because they put on a good show. Nothing like a little vaudeville spiced with rock-n-roll.

Tony Kisner 10 years ago

"How do you feel about having the Wakarusa Festival in the Lawrence area?" - I feel fine man.

SusieCreamcheeze 10 years ago

My MY but I do think Tim G. has let himself go. Get a haircut buddy your hair was never that great in the first place.Speaking for myself.....I quit leaving the house when they started charging me to get in the door. Tried to sneak into Waki Fest via the boyscout many bugs that way and lawn chairs were toooo heavy man. Will be heading down to OKLA to Woody Fest next month...Talk about your Hippys...Its a freebee so lots o old hippys show up with flowers in their hair.

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

Hey! No fair! At 2:41 this morning, they did not have "in the Lawrence area" at the end of the question. Now my answer makes no sense at all!!! Oh well, It's good to know that I have such influence over the powers at OTS that they would fix their wording to spite me. Meh!

Jimmy Lee Rose 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

acg 10 years ago

Mine, too, ohjayhawk. I thought there was something wrong with my comp, but it's done it at all the office comps and my home PC, too. Fix the problem jworld. It's starting to get aggravating!!

endtimes 10 years ago

Someone mentioned something about "mad scientist".....You know, I was gonna say earlier that Tim (with that wiry gray hair of his) kinda reminds of Doc Brown from the movie Back To The Future.

bad_dog 10 years ago

R_Kobe, How do you define "child neglect"? Did you report what you witnessed? I'm not intending to be judgmental or trivialize your content, but quite frankly I believe a lot of what's been expressed here is grossly exaggerated if not largely fabricated. In addition, I'd certainly take your message more seriously if you learned (or at least used) proper grammar and punctuation.

littleone 10 years ago

What gets me, is they call this a family event...Yeah right. Let me take my 5 year old out there and experience the bong hitting, joint smoking, and any other drugs they can take. Getting rid of the check points was the stupidist thing they could have done. Wak-fest is just an excuse for bringing drugs to our city and sitting around and getting high with a bunch of nasty, smelly, hippies...No thanks...I will passssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Jimmy Lee Rose 10 years ago


geekin_topekan 10 years ago

"...appalling that members of our community would so blatantly put down the hard work of so many others."+++If you are speaking of the posters of this sight as "community members" in which you speak,I would not be really worried about them.If the people of Lawrence really had a beef or strong opinion opposing the festival than it would be addressed.As one poster put it recently:"...look at this board!99.9% of kansans..."Uh huh.Whatever dude.This board is the voice of a minority of people who find pleasure in the outlet and otherwise coast through life without controversy.Myself included.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

"Maybe I'll wire you a dime so you can buy a Sense Of Humor:::.."I'd say it'd be better spent closer to home, spacehog. (see, I have a sense of humor.)

endtimes 10 years ago

Yeah, 1969 seems like yesterday....don't it, Tim?And judging by appearances.....I'd have to say that you look like you've been holding up pretty well all of these years, my friend! lol

jonas 10 years ago

The_Original_Bob (Anonymous) says:"Um, how did you know they protested the corporate world? Did you ask them?"Oh, c'mon O-Bob. If we can't immediately categorize people into comprehensive, cookie-cutter characterizations and then know all that there is to know about them, what do you expect us to do?

Godot 10 years ago

Went to Dillon's on 6th after work and was pleased to observe many more people I did not recognize, buying snacks and soft drinks and stuff. And, kudos to the Dillons managers for packaging stuff together (like putting bacon and corn mush in the egg section to make it easier for people to easily grab the essentials). Glad to have the festival in town. Good for business. Welcome, and enjoy! Have a blast!

Catbacker 10 years ago

Ummm...Tim...they're hippies...they have no disposable income with which to boost the economy; unless by economy you mean the head shop and hash dealer.

countrygirl 10 years ago

I was in Wal-mart yesterday and had to laugh at all the beatniks shopping in there. For those who want to protest against the corporate world, they sure aren't afraid to shop there.

Miss_Spent 10 years ago

Carol,I am not sure what "spanging" is, but if I replace it with spanking, then your comment totally makes sense.I personally like Wak Fest. It has never caused me any grief, but I will pass on the spangings from strangers.

beerdrinkingfool 10 years ago

as with any peep that show up out there if papa kenos had a site he could pay their back, i love it you meet nice peeps and have fun ,i dont go there but i would love to see some of the bands.if it not your thing ,meh , big deal. i know a lot of peep getting jobs for the fest and dont mind it .dont like the band on one stage , well go to the next one .good for lawrence all around

sinkorswim 10 years ago

I don't particulary care for the type of music at the Wakarusa Festival. Country in the Woods, Y'allapalooza, Garth, etc. are my kind fun! However, my family does enjoy taking the camper out to Clinton on the weekends and we do seem to find leftover remnants of the festival each year. So that, combined with the inability to use our season pass are probably the only real downsides of the festival for us.

SpeedRacer 10 years ago

I don't really give a big one about Wak being here or not. The only thing I hate is that the park is essentially shut down to us who like to get away for the weekend for fishing and camping...the kid is sulking because I won't take him fishing.

acg 10 years ago

I'm enjoying it, too, TOB. "Waaah waaaah waaaaah, I have to find a different lake to fish on, or boohooohoooo, my kid saw a boob or snivel snivel, people are having fun and that will never be me because I haven't cracked a smile, if it wasn't at the expense of someone else, in 20 years". I guess if it weren't for the uptight a-holes, the rest of us that know how to relax and live would have nothing to snicker at.

ohjayhawk 10 years ago

I have an off-topic question. I'm sorry, but this is really starting to bug me. Is anyone else having an issue with the ljworld website causing an error and shutting their Explorer down at times? This is happening on multiple computers only on this website. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough that it is quite annoying.

sgtwolverine 10 years ago

sue, I thought your answer didn't make sense in the first place -- I mean, if your neighbors were going to complain about noise, wouldn't they be doing that on a daily basis already?

Greg Yother 10 years ago

spacehog: Do you really hate all bluegrass? Even the authentic Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs stuff? Are you familiar with Old Time? Have you ever caught the Freight Hoppers? If you get a chance, check out thier album "Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go." My favorite tracks are "Cotton Eye'd Joe" and "4 Cent Cotton."

RedwoodCoast 10 years ago

Hey, y'all, what if it was a big cowboy convention? A bunch of dirty, lazy truck-driving cowboys hootin and hollerin and a spittin all night long. Shootin off guns n listenin to Toby Kieth. Makes me glad it's just a bunch of hippies.

mainah 10 years ago

Why don't you guys go out and join in instead of sitting there having "fun" in front of the computer!

ralphralph 10 years ago

Whew! Did something DIE in here?bsf ... I'm no hippie, but I ignored my instincts and went to see Elvis Costello at the Sprint Center (some old guys with a cute grey-bearded bassist followed him). It was like being in a really loud nursing home where all the patients had expensive shoes. I'd rather buckle on some galoshes and slog in the mud with people who care more about the music than their own hair.Waka-Waka!

endtimes 10 years ago

ohjayhawk....I've been noticing what you've been noticing for a few days now!Annoying, huh?

R_Kobe 10 years ago

I lost all respect for the festival crowd when i saw the child neglect last year its cool if adults want to make the choice to listen to loud music drink/drug but when it comes to children. Some people with children are just children themselves and need to grow up, maybe it's not their fault drugs make people delusional.

budwhysir 10 years ago

Dude, you should let us party type alone. We are just listening to our music and minding our own business. Not our fault we run out of money and have to ask you. Maybe we should stay in town all year round and like wild partys every weekend. Oh wait thats what the ku students do.

Gopher 10 years ago

Not one comment from anyone about the degradation and impact to public park property because of the Wakie! I was just there and numerous private and vendor vehicles are stuck in the muck from the rain events. By tomorrow it'll be quagmire. I'd think you eco minded folks would have been all over that but if its for music and its such a "family" event then I guess you think its OK. Pathetic.

BigPrune 10 years ago

Does Tim a/k/a Peter Fonda live in Lawrence? FYI -Google Maps is in town driving around doing their streetview photos today.

1attorney 10 years ago

bad_dog's 1:03 post is right on. Also, there clearly has to be significant positive impact on the local economy, not only as a result of the attendees spending monies at local retail establishments and eateries, etc., but also from the funds raised from ticket sales and the purchase of various supplies, etc., that are used/consumed by the promoters, as well as monies spent in the community by the band members and their associates. I have three young-adult children that are at, and have attended WakaFest for the last several years. And, although I am just about as conservative and as far to the right as one can be, I am glad they can enjoy the event and consistently return with reports of essentially only positive experiences and of having fun...which is kind of a nice thing for their (or any) age. Let them all have a good time and "party on!" As MacHeath referenced above, the "Big Eat" fests were much more intense in every way, I went and survived.

Greg Yother 10 years ago

Yeah, I'd say that it's just a question of volume and the law of averages; when you have that amount of people coming in, and say only one half of one percent of them are jackasses, that leaves you with several hundred jackasses. It's only normal. Personally it's not affected me in the slightest other than the entertainment of seeing some unusual characters. Most seem friendly and just want to have a good time.

Bossa_Nova 10 years ago

i like getting pulled over on k10 by the entire kansas state patrol sitting out there. too bad i didnt have any pot to give to them.

classclown 10 years ago

" might be interested to know Tim Babwe is/was a Research Chemist and has a Phd"===============================================Considering the locale, I admit that hippie was my first guess. However my second guess was mad scientist. Which turns out to be real close.

jonas 10 years ago

Hey, a man can hardly help the way his face comes out in a still photograph. I think if anything it shows an amateur photographer. Take a step back or crop the screen a little bit. It's only a problem when his face and/or hair takes up such a large percentage of the picture. As it is, he just looks like he's getting ready to leap at you, or like his hand, which you can't see, is currently pierced through your chest and fondling your still-beating heart. Or maybe I have too vivid of an imagination. But take a look at the picture and tell me with a straight face that it doesn't look like that! I have no doubt, with your word, that in normal company he is both charming and intelligent. I have a number of friends who would also look like they were getting ready to eat you, if they posed for an OTS photo.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

The "purpose" of Wakarusa is no more about drug use than sporting events are about drinking booze. Do some people at either type of event over-indulge? Sure, but they probably would even if they weren't attending their entertainment of choice, and they will always be greatly outnumbered by those who indulge moderately, or not at all.

mainah 10 years ago

Oh, you've been 3 times. I go to the lake no less than 3 times a week all year long. I wait in a long line of traffic b/c of the fest. "Onto" the marina to my boat. Avoid the LARGE chunk of the park that is open to traffic but is clogged for 2 weeks (set up, fest, attempt at clean-up" Keep writing, you're proving ignorance!

bad_dog 10 years ago

Spacehog, Endtimes, Mr. Nancy, Jonas, Suziecreamcheese, starbucks, etc, etc, you might be interested to know Tim Babwe is/was a Research Chemist and has a Phd. Trust me, he can afford to be retired. You know what they say about judging books by their covers...countrygirl: Beatniks? Are you a product of the 50's or just that out of touch? They're still people regardless what you think about their appearance and apparently there to spend money...littleone: I'm really tempted to throw the BS flag on you, but I'll hold off and give you the benefit of the doubt. Given your description of all the repeated law breaking out there, to say nothing of the personal affront of purportedly having your spouse solicited right in front of you, why the heck didn't you summon law enforcement or security? Needless to say, I'm a little dubious regarding your story. It reminds me of a poster that supposedly attended the k-state basketball game at AFH this year and was cursed at, threatened with physical violence and spat upon in front of her grandchildren-just for being there and representing. Difficult if not impossible to believe it could happen as stated. Even so, why tolerate it? Get some authority figure to intervene. I can tell you if some gal tried to proposition me (whether or not for $$) in front of my wife or daughter there would be a major throw down by the ladies in my family ;-)

acg 10 years ago

Wow, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with most of you people on a daily basis. I don't understand the hateful, negative attitude. So, Waka isn't your thing. Does that mean you have to be so rude and nasty? Of course you do, what am I thinking. If you pinched faced, wet blankets didn't have something to b*tch about every day, then you wouldn't know what to do with yourselves. Hey, there are some small children at the pool today having a good time. You should go spit on them. There are happy folks everywhere enjoying their lives and the differences that make us all people. I bet if you tried really hard, you could run them down with your cars or something.

ohjayhawk 10 years ago

Thanks acg - glad it's not just me! I noticed it started just about the time they switched to their new format. It seems like it has gotten a bit worse recently though.

8ball 10 years ago

uh wow man,all this whining is getting my herb wet,im coasting,late

littleone 10 years ago

r_kobe...I agree...People take their babies out there, strap them on their backs, and listen to the music..Its hot enough out their to begin with, but when you have a baby, and some of them are just too little to even hold their head up, they are just miserable. And yes, they do get high around those kids...Now, if this isn't neglect...Please define it for me!!

terrapin2 10 years ago

Littleone- This is a family event you idiot. We have enjoyed Wakarusa every year with our now 6 year old boy and this is the second year for our 1 year old. There are a lot of activities for kids out there and I have yet to see anyone smoking a bong out in the open for my kids to see. There is a family friendly camping area that is kept more quiet. We send the kids to Grandma's for part of the weekend so we can have some late nights without them, but our 6 year old LOVES IT! Wakarusa is not just an excuse to bring drugs to our city. It is a chance to see a lot of really good music in a beautiful outdoor environment with a lot of fun, peaceful people. Sure, with any event of this magnitude you are going to have some people do stupid things, but that does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people out there are responsible adults just looking to have a good time for a few days and then go back to work/reality. If all you can do is stereotype and make broad generalizations about everyone out there, we would prefer you stay at home in your glass house.

mainah 10 years ago

I think the wildlife and parks dept should have to give season park pass holders vouchers for free camping since that priveledge is taken away from those of us who would love to be able to go to the park this week. I have been a pass holder since long before the fest and go there for peace, quiet, and solitude. I have also found drug paraphanalia left behind in the grass for people to get injured on. I feel sorry for all the poor displaced deer, birds, etc! Where do they go??

conservativepunker 10 years ago

How bout booking less Jam and more rock? Reduce the hippie contingent.....

storm 10 years ago

Littleone has never been nor participated in the the Wakarusa Festival.

sherbert 10 years ago

I think it's neat that something like this is allowed, it's something I would have gone to myself in days gone by. However, since I live in the very near vicinity, I sometimes lay awake, listening to the pounding music, in the middle of the night, thinking that even though the huge influx of people bring money (supposedly) into our local economy, what about the rights of the property owners in the area? I guess I can spend 4 sleepless nights, but does their permit allow for 'disturbing the peace' of neighbors?

ohjayhawk 10 years ago

Thanks multi! I have downloaded the update.

jennatto 10 years ago

My 2 experiences with the Waka Fest:1-I worked a temp gig doing traffic 2 years ago. It was fine. I was one of those folks in an orange vest and red flashlights, stopping and starting traffic. All the event-goers that I encountered either thanked us for our help or just waved. No negativity towards our crew that I saw. A couple people walking by would say, "thanks for stayin' sober for us". haha. But they were walking, not driving. It seemed to run smoothly, the parts that I saw and I worked 3 overnight shifts. geez I was tired, though.2-My brother has come up from Oklahoma the past 3-4 years for it. He's a music lover, and travels to concerts all the time. I don't think in any universe he could be classified as a hippy. lol He's a lawyer, has short hair, eats meat and showers regularly. He is there for the music. He coordinates with about 5-6 other people from around the country and they go in together on a campsite and each bring a certain amount of food and they have a blast. When he talks about it, it's always about which band, which stage, etc.I like that the festival is here. Wasn't there a local music and camping festival several years ago? I remember "wildlife" or something like that in the title. This would be early-90's ish. I had wanted to check that out when I was a college student at the time, but it was always the same weekend as the Haskell graduation pow-wow and I couldn't make it-so that would be Mother's Day weekend-time frame. Does anyone remember that event?

bad_dog 10 years ago

I'm sure you did oh big one of many tall tales... pff yo seff

Doug Fisher 10 years ago

Seems to be alot of narrow-minded folks living in Lawrence these days judging by these posts. What a bunch of whiners. Not everyone at Wak Fest is hippies you know. There aren't any true "hippies" anymore anyways. You people need to get a life. So what if people want to have a good time. I say next year we make it a gangsta rap concert instead of blue-grass just to piss you people off. Then we can have guns and violence. See how that goes down!

sparknotes 10 years ago

What the festival needs is cops with dogs walking around the whole time busting everyone with drugs. Ist ashame that Lawrence allows people to come to a State Park and have free use of the drugs of their choice. It wouldn't take long to fix the problem.

Dixie Jones 10 years ago

Why would you take a child to this ? irresponsible parenting i would say. morals none

littleone 10 years ago

bad-dog..I dont give a rats behind how my creditability is with you...I did in fact say something, and did not turn away..If it was up to me I would of yanked the kids away. I let the officers do their job (hopefully they looked into it). so.....pffff

bad_dog 10 years ago

littleone-you have little, if any credibility with me after the "big ones" you related above. Again, if you see someone engaging in illegal activity-particularly if they involve their children, why don't you do something like report the activity? I agree, if what you say is true, this is not only neglect, it likely constitutes abuse. If, however, you turn away, are you any better?? Even if you're just concerned about the heat or exposure to sun, I'm sure the parents would benefit from your oversight and intervention via some kind words like "Gee your child looks very hot or may be getting sunburned" "Would you like some water/sunscreen for your little one?". That is unless you're too busy fending off all the hookers and skinny-dipping hippies...

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

Cornmeal,Left Over Salmon,Hot Buttered Run,Delta Nova, Ole 97 and a few others are hot and fun music. Cake was hot on the list of many :an obvious crowd favorite. Their show time was moved to midnight which was too late for us.The food selections are diverse which included a tofu/tempeh veggie stir fry that was excellent.Plenty of children running about seemingly enjoying themselves. Not once in the past two days have we not noticed the smell of marijuana nor a heavy presence of law enforcement in the concert area. Things seem to be running very smoothly. Lots of smiling people being friendly and having a good time to a diverse selection of music.Today/Sunday we're looking forward to David Grisman,Emmylou Harris,Mickey Hart,Zappa Plays Zappa,Split Lip Rayfield and any other great sound we've never heard yet.Flaming Lips was new to us and what a fun production. Kinda like watching off Broadway. Delta Nova was also new to us and what an outstanding and fun stage presence their music provided. Hats off to the New Belgium/Wakarusa producers and all of the assisting staff people who are doing a great and friendly job. Thanks for dropping by.

terrapin2 10 years ago

What on earth makes B3 a decent person?

terrapin2 10 years ago

My kids had a fantastic time this year and wow, you can like music and camping and still be responsible, moral people. What is the matter with you people? Have you ever taken your kids to outdoor events? If not, you are really missing out. Quit being so close minded and judgmental.

acg 10 years ago

Terrapin, there's nothing at all decent about b3. He's the most hateful person I've ever seen come across these boards and he posts nothing of value, at all, ever. And for all of you whining about people taking their children out there, let me just say, boy am I glad I wasn't raised by you!! There's nothing worse than spending 18 of your formative years around people that are so stodgy and uptight.

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