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Do you have the necessary skills to be a lifeguard?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 21, 2008

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Photo of Scott Gustafson

“I can swim and could probably spot a drowning person. I know CPR, but if there is someone else around who knows it, I would leave it up to them.”

Photo of Amy Brennan

“I can swim fairly well, but I don’t know how to perform CPR or any of that type of stuff.”

Photo of Ellie Altaf

“No. I could probably only save myself from drowning. But I am an EMT, so I could handle anything outside of the water.”

Photo of Nate Snyder

“Yeah. I was a lifeguard for six years in high school and college, and I’m EMT certified. So I’m sure I could still do it.”


sunflower_sue 9 years, 11 months ago

snap, does anyone really look good in a speedo? lifeguard skills? probably, but I really don't want to test that theory.Ya'll play nice today. I gotta go "play nice" w/ the hubby (our 18th today).

sgtwolverine 9 years, 11 months ago

Ha! I don't even have the necessary skills to be in water.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years, 11 months ago

nope, can swim and do cpr but I have no desire in the heat at all so forget it. Yeah I know lazy fat ars, all 115 lbs of me but hey at least I admit it.

dajudge 9 years, 11 months ago

Dang! How did they get my picture on that website? I didn't think anybody was watching. Must have been a hidden camera somewhere when I was trying on my "hammocks".If saving a life means tossing someone a beer, then, yes. I have the skills.Where is Widener University? I know Scott. He's about cheese.

ms_canada 9 years, 11 months ago

S_P_N_C - sure would count with me, fella!!!

trinity 9 years, 11 months ago

congrats on 18 ss! :)and the answer to today's ots is a resounding negative; i'd likely need a respirator if i even tried to save somebody's tookas, let alone my own! :)

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years, 11 months ago

MD: "And where's R_I today?"Last time I saw him, he was singing:"I'm called buttercup, dear little buttercup. Though I could never tell why...."( We know why. )

sunflower_sue 9 years, 11 months ago

prospector, you just proved my point! Ugh!

Flap Doodle 9 years, 11 months ago

Does looking darned good in a Speedo count?

Orwell 9 years, 11 months ago

Tomorrow's question: Are you a turtle?

coolmom 9 years, 11 months ago

i have the cpr, first aide and can struggle through the water by myself not sure dragging someone else would be a good idea...get them out and i could save them. i have saved 2 teens using my kayak but we would of all probably not survived if i had been in the water with them without my ever present life vest. ever notice how its just not the same swimming out to rescue someone if the would be rescuer is swimming in a vest?

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