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What is your favorite summer month?

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Photo of Tara Rasing

“August, because it’s my birthday and school is about to start again. It’s kind of like a reunion with all of my friends.”

Photo of Skyler Malone

“June, because it isn’t even hot compared to July and August.”

Photo of Deloris Sanders

“June, because of the Juneteenth Celebration.”

Photo of Tony Woolery

“Around late July, because it’s my birthday and it’s kind of fun to get ready for school. It also seems like more people are hanging out at the pool and having fun.”

Photo of Whitney Jaimez

“July, because it’s the middle of summer, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy it. I really like the fourth of July and my birthday is in the middle of the month.”

Photo of Wyatt Ohse

“June, because it’s not as hot as July or August. That’s when the pool opens and it’s the first month off from school.”

Photo of Emily Laughlin

“Probably June. It’s the first full month you’re out of school, so you can hang out with all your friends. And that’s when softball season starts.”

Photo of Hannah Copp

“July, because I get to go see my grandma, and I like the Fourth of July.”


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