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What have you learned about Kansas history?

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Photo of Cole Carter

“We learned about Quantrill’s Raid, the reasons it happened and the events that followed.”

Photo of Tara Bryant

“I guess not much besides a little about John Brown and the Kansas-Nebraska Act.”

Photo of Noah Nunn

“I’ve learned a lot about the Border War between Kansas and Missouri and the role it played in the Civil War.”

Photo of Myra Zuniga

“I’ve pretty much just learned about all the state symbols and song, and why they were chosen.”

Photo of Devante Green

“I just moved from Florida, so this is my first year here, but the main thing I’ve learned is that we hate Missouri. And now after living here, I too, have come to hate Missouri.”

Photo of Alycia Griffin

“I’m sure I’ve learned quite a bit about it, but I’m not sure I remember much of it. I do remember learning all about the raid and touring places in Lawrence that survived it.”

Photo of Matt Zabel

“We learned about Quantrill’s Raid and Bleeding Kansas; mostly Civil War era history.”

Photo of Sarah Shin

“I’ve recently learned a lot about Haskell … It started out as an Indian boarding school and the students originally brought there were treated really poorly.”


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