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How can teens serve the community?

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Photo of Raven Graves

“We can do community service picking up trash or helping take care of the animals at the humane society, or we can volunteer helping children with autism or other special needs.”

Photo of Jacob Walter

“We can be nice to people and help them out; we can do community service or donate to blood drive, food drives or other charity events.”

Photo of Sarah Atkinson

“By recycling, cleaning up litter and being kind to the people around us.”

Photo of Meredith Baker

“By helping others and donating to charities.”

Photo of Noah Benham

“By volunteering at the humane society and picking up trash.”

Photo of Ruben Ghijsen

“By volunteering for parks and rec and other charities or donating food or money to food drives.”

Photo of Brianna Spence

“By helping at the food pantry or LINK or donating food to either one.”

Photo of Caitlin Laird

“Volunteer at the humane society or help out with their church youth group.”


sherbert 10 years, 4 months ago

I think it's good for young people to volunteer in helping older people. Mow yards, shovel snow, help in yardwork or shopping errands. The older people can use the help, and while building relationships, it creates appreciation of the different age groups. Young folks are usually surprised at how neat the older folks really are.

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