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What are you most looking forward to this semester?

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Photo of Jordan Kircher

“Having fun, playing sports and getting closer to summer.”

Photo of Hannah Edmonds

“My Chinese class is pretty interesting. It’s the first time they’re offering it, and it counts as a college class.”

Photo of Brandon Howard

“I’m looking forward to doing well in all my classes so it will look good on my record, and also working out for football.”

Photo of Shelise White

“Making my own designs in my sewing class and working out in my weights class.”

Photo of Tyrae Jenkins

“Passing every class and having a good GPA.”

Photo of Regan Keller

“Playing soccer and the last day of school.”

Photo of Zoe Griffith

“The creative writing class I’m taking because we get to study more in-depth poetry.”

Photo of Keagan Taylor

“Going out for track, and for the year to be over. It’s halfway done already.”


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