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Would you be interested in watching a documentary about Quantrill’s Raid?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 11, 2008

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Photo of Tom Van Holt

“Sure. I think it’s an important part of our national, state and local history, and I’m proud that Kansas was on the abolitionist side. It was a very bloody event and was very polarizing. People couldn’t stay neutral any longer.”

Photo of Katy Brown

“I don’t know much about it, but it’s a really interesting topic. I would definitely want to watch it.”

Photo of Laura Towers

“Yes. I try to see as many local films as I can. Hopefully it will be at Liberty Hall soon.”

Photo of Eric Lackey

“Yes. I’m originally from Kansas and generally find local history interesting.”


ohjayhawk 10 years, 2 months ago

I would find it interesting. I didn't know anything about about Quantrill's Raid until I was already at KU, but I was quite stunned to find out that I grew up in a town about 15 miles away from where he was born and raised. So, it would have historical siginificance to two of the three areas of the country I've lived in.

jonas 10 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, I've been thinking about going into the gameday shirt-making business.

sunflower_sue 10 years, 2 months ago

Yes, I would just hope that they find enough facts to expound. I would dig it.

trinity 10 years, 2 months ago

absolutely! but only if tom hanks stars. :)

seriously, yeah-i think it'd really be interesting! but probably not big box office-style interesting. i'd have to smuggle in my beer&jujubes whilst digging through my chic handbag to find my ID. oops other thread...

mom_of_three 10 years, 2 months ago

another history buff here, so yes, I would be interested. also be interested in a book about John Brown that is totally impartial, but I will never find one.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years, 2 months ago

I would like to see a modern day enactment. To make it controversial enough to enrage everyone, the pillagers should finish building the bypass through the wetlands and burn down a Walmart.

gurgle...gurgle...(sound of my being waterboarded by the thought police)

gurgle...gurgle...(sound of my being waterboarded by the other thought police)

gurgle...gurgle...(sound of me drowning in my own foolishness)

kneejerkreaction 10 years, 2 months ago

I've already seen the movie. A doc. would be great, even greater would be the annual Quantrill's Raid week long festivities in Lawrence, culminating in the raid reenactment.

Lawrence hasn't done enough to capitalize on this unique perspective in American history.

Bonner Springs has built a legacy in their Renn. Fest and I don't believe Bonner really has a connection to the Rennaissance.

Lawrence has an important historical connection, reason and opportunity.

kneejerkreaction 10 years, 2 months ago

Although, once at the Renn. Fest,, after my 15th beer and a long line at the Porta Potties, I think I saw a real dragon.

ms_canada 10 years, 2 months ago

Yeh, even a Canadian would be interested in that. I have heard about that raid and would like more details as I am also a history buff. Read every book I could get my hot little hands on about your Civil War and Revolution. We Canadians have some fairly interesting past events also. Have you heard about the Riel Rebellion?

freeordie 10 years, 2 months ago

No, I'd be interested in participating in an actual raid.

conservativepunker 10 years, 2 months ago

By all means. I think that would be outstanding!!!

Greg Reno 10 years, 2 months ago

First picture....Tom Van Holt...."Business Owner," more like in the business of robbing people. Owner of Starving Artists...Avoid them at all costs. I'd be willing to help you move for free, than to see you give perfectly good money to this guy.

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