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Have you hit any potholes since the snow has melted?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 8, 2008

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Photo of Jeannie Carlson

“This is my first time in Lawrence since it melted, so I haven’t yet. I’ve hit plenty in Kansas City though.”

Photo of John Young

“Not a one. I try to drive carefully, so they’re easy to avoid.”

Photo of Brittani Boyd

“Yes. It seems like about 10 a day. Some of the big ones can be avoided, but you can’t see the small ones until it’s too late.”

Photo of Dave File

“Not yet. I’m really happy with what the city has done with the streets from 20th to 27th and Iowa and around Ousdahl and Naismith.”


jonas 9 years ago

Nah. Because, ya'know, there just aren't that MANY of them out there in Lawrence.


imastinker 9 years ago

There's still more potheads than potholes in this town!

adriennerm 9 years ago

Potholes????? In Lawrence,,,,pllleeeaaasee. The streets are perfect in Lawrence.

Mike Edson 9 years ago

Lawrence has some of the worst potholes I have ever seen! It makes me wonder what the city does with their street maintenance budget because they sure are not fixing the streets. I noticed the west side of town is not that bad, but on the east side, over around Mass, the potholes are ridiculous! In October while driving around Lawrence I hit a pothole so bad that I had to have the alignment redone on my car. Along with the potholes I have also noticed miscellaneous debris in the streets ranging from lag bolts to small sharp pieces of metal. Two pieces of which ended up in my tires! I should send the city a bill for my recent repairs. I just moved here in October and I have to say I am not overly impressed with the city's public works department.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 9 years ago

I'm actually writing this from the bottom of a pothole in Lawrence. Thank goodness for wireless. While I write for help the drivers from the rest of the cars down here are trying to raise a warning flag up to street level to prevent...

50YearResident 9 years ago

If you haven't hit any potholes in Lawrence lately then you must be walking. There is one on La. St. by the high school that your car almost falls into. It can't be avoided unless you either hit the walkway barricade or run up over the curb.

I have yet to see any maintenance crew repairing potholes, not even a temporary repair. If the City had to pay for car damages from hitting potholes they might be quicker to take care of this gigantic problem.

Ceallach 9 years ago

Of course. Although, as stated by another poster, some artful driving can save your car most of the time.

btw, haven't we already been told that the city does not have money to repair potholes? Oh wait, maybe without their sweet little deal to give away millions we can get a few potholes filled.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

I have managed to avoid most of them, but it seems hubby hits every big on their is while he is driving MY car.

MattressMan 9 years ago

edson443 (Anonymous) says: Lawrence has some of the worst potholes I have ever seen!

Get a grip on reality, Lawrence streets aren't any worse than any other town.

edson443 (Anonymous) says...Along with the potholes I have also noticed miscellaneous debris in the streets ranging from lag bolts to small sharp pieces of metal. Two pieces of which ended up in my tires!

If you notice the debris why do you run over it? In too much of a hurry to stop and pick it up or would you rather run it over so you have something to complain about?

Myself if I hit a pothole more than once in the same location it's my fault for driving with my head up my backside. It's not that hard to look out for them and miss them no matter where they are.

johnwoods 9 years ago

I haven't seen one pot-hole this year that caused any concern. I think the roads are usually very good. If anything...we may spend too much money on street maintenance and cleaning.

hawklet21 9 years ago

The_Original_Bob, you are exactly right!! Those metal plates are killer, and you can't even try to drive around them like you would with a pothole. I'll take Lawrence's roads any day. But not the drivers.

sgtwolverine 9 years ago

Not yet this year, but I probably will; the weather varies too much for the roads here in Michigan. This week, we've gone from Saturday low temps just above zero to Monday high temps in the 60s. And it's going to snow again in a day or two. I can't imagine the roads are enjoying this too much.

A few years ago I hit a pothole bad enough to destroy the tire and dent the rim; that was fun.

sunflower_sue 9 years ago

Nope. I see them, I avoid them.

Just a quick "Hey!" to my neighbor John Young up there. (A good guy...and his wife is a real gem!) :)

Jason Bowers-Chaika 9 years ago

Just thinking outside of the box here but...

Why don't they make roads out of rubber and car tires out of asphalt?

I remember seeing a oil company self promotion about road underlayment material that makes roads last longer. Isn't there something available to reduce the effects of weather on roads?

pace 9 years ago

They won't fix the streets or potholes until they can use it to hike our taxes. The money for repairs has been collected but spent on something else. Same will happen to the new tax money.

Crossfire 9 years ago

So, imastinker... Have you hit any Pot-Heads?

Crossfire 9 years ago

Hey Blue, I'd like to put a '69 SC/rambler up against the Datsun.

JJHawq 9 years ago

If you hit the pot before you hit the pothole - it's kind of funny.

kneejerkreaction 9 years ago

A week ago, I drew an ace to an inside straight, but that's all I can think of so far. No major potholes.

kneejerkreaction 9 years ago

gayokay (Anonymous) says:

Just thinking outside of the box here but:

Why don't they make roads out of rubber and car tires out of asphalt?

And along those lines, they can make tires that last 30,000 miles, but you have to change the back of your dress shoe sole every year.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

There are a few spots on the roads where there are multiple holes. lately, they have been filled with water, so it's hard to judge how big they are or how deep. That's when the hubby usually hits them. but if there isn't any water or snow, then they are easy to avoid.

budwhysir 9 years ago

Since the snow melted???????? What kind of question is that, if we are going to blame the snow on the number of potholes we hit, wouldnt we look smarter if we said we hit more when the snow was on the ground covering the potholes? Looks like everyone fell for this trick question

GretchenJP 9 years ago

I've hit a few in Ottawa when not paying attention.

Crossfire 9 years ago

Blue, A friend from the old days had one. Used to tear the bricks right out of the streets.

kujhawk 9 years ago

If you want to bitch about the potholes then come help filling them, we are working on a very restricted budget and have very limited resources. I don't like them more than the next guy but we are on call 24 hrs a day to get this problem resolved. I don't know what else to say, either pay attention driving or WALK!!

whitno 9 years ago

Thank god for us cyclists who have mountain bikes to go road biking with. I'd complain but it's a wild adventure just getting out of my neighborhood. WOO!!

aeroscout17 9 years ago

No, but the potholes have hit me ;)

In all seriousness now, it is almost easier to miss them this time of year if you watch for the glare of the ice/water that is usually splashed around them.

calieerin 8 years, 11 months ago

It's funny.....I hit a pothole and my a/c heater unit became jolted and quit working. After a week with no heat or defroster the snow came back, along with more potholes. Thank God, because I just hit one and everything started working again. They suck, and there is too many. Screw 19th street. Off to get an alignment.

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