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Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution?

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Photo of Josh Holland

“Yeah. I want to do better in basketball this year and sports in general.”

Photo of Mayra Zuniga

“Yes, to get better grades.”

Photo of Elise Loney

“I try not to make them because I never follow through. So my resolution is to make no resolutions.”

Photo of Devante Green

“No, I’m not. I set my goals by the school year, not by the new year.”

Photo of Jamal Brown

“Yes, getting through biology class. That’s my resolution.”

Photo of Cody Oller

“Yes, I’m giving up pop because I drink way to much of it.”

Photo of Ellie Berland

“Probably. I would like to give up sweets altogether.”

Photo of Hannah Lusk

“Yes, to get really, really good grades and get better at swimming because I just joined Aquahawks.”


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