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What is your favorite board game?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 4, 2008

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Photo of Kelsey Eriksen

“I’ll go with The Game of Life. It teaches you a lot of life lessons, like how to become a doctor without going to school.”

Photo of John Paul Wirba

“Chess. I like that it’s a very strategic game that involves a lot of thinking and calculation.”

Photo of Trish Jess

“Trivial Pursuit, but I like Scattergories a lot, too. I’m pretty good at Trivial Pursuit, though, and it requires more thinking than a lot of board games.”

Photo of Tom Sooby

“It’s been a long time since I’ve played a board game. I’ll say backgammon, just because that’s what I had available. It’s very simple, and most of my friends knew how to play it.”


Buggie7 9 years ago

I Used to love a game that my dad showed me its like backgammon called acey duecy. I also enjoyed Dealers Choice, Stratego and payday

Kat Christian 9 years ago

Monopoly, trivil pursuit, Scabble & Chess

ohjayhawk 9 years ago

Taboo is always fun, but I haven't played it in years.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 9 years ago

Aggravate the headless, Repugnicanned Sardines!~) Oh. Wrong board game... I enjoyed chess, backgammon and mahjong.

acg 9 years ago

As a kid, Clue. As an adult, Trivial Pursuit. We play alot of Yahtzee, too. I also dig Scene It. That's a lot of fun.

JJHawq 9 years ago

Wahoo for Wahoo - I thought nobody else knew about that game...

mom_of_three 9 years ago

Trouble. Sorry. Checkers. Battleship. Monopoly. Trivial Pursuit.

dajudge 9 years ago

I liked to play tiddly winks and pick up sticks, then again, naked twister was fun, too. And, Pente.

dajudge 9 years ago

Oh, I almost forgot: Teeter-Totter. The best board game of all!

beatrice 9 years ago

Scrabble is my fave, followed by the world domination game Risk. I also like Masterpiece, where you get to buy and sell paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago's collection.

stuckinlawrence 9 years ago

WAHOO!!!! Grew up playing that game.

BigDog 9 years ago

No one's favorite board game is "Don't Drop the Soap?"

I guess the governor's son hasn't hit the list of family favorites yet.

Chrissy Neibarger 9 years ago

Right now it's Scene it, might change in a while. I tend to like card games more, though.

beatrice 9 years ago

prospector, don't forget "Pleather Bob Was Here."

whatatown 9 years ago

Scrabble Scrabble Scrabble! It's a game of skill and word knowledge.

preebo 9 years ago

Trivial Pursuit... 80s edition!

sourpuss 9 years ago

Arkham Horror. Fight Lovecraftian elder gods. Good times.

Check out if you like the board games.

Drew_Carey 9 years ago

must keep breathing room for stones!!!!

Drew_Carey 9 years ago

PS. A butterfly just flew around my window. Anyone else see any?

sunflower_sue 9 years ago

RI, someone else who has played carrom? I should have known the way you thunk people in the head like an old pro!

Bea, we played Masterpiece growing up. (I thought we were the only ones.)

jetgirl 9 years ago

Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne, Puerto Rico, Tsuro... it's too difficult to pick just one.

GretchenJP 9 years ago

prospector (Anonymous) says:


Damn you, Prospector, you stole my answer.


H_Lecter 9 years ago

It's a special version of Dante's chutes & ladders. A bit more at steak for the losers.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

All great ones! Being 53, I played tons of board games when I was young - Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Life, chinese checkers, backgammon, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland (my favorite). I've played a few games of Monopoly with my hubby and he's the biggest slumlord in boardgame land. He whips me every time.

Must beat him. Must beat him.

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