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Do you think your grades are important?

Asked at Asked at Free State High School on December 15, 2008

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Photo of Haley Harrington

“I think grades are important because I think if you work hard in school, then that reflects what you can do in life.”

Photo of Leyonna Smith

“Yes. It shows your work ethic and what you’re capable of doing, but it doesn’t always prove how smart you are.”

Photo of Brian Keetin

“Yes, so you can graduate.”

Photo of Brittany Mailand

“I think it’s good that we get grades because it’s more of a motivation to keep doing well in school.”

“It’s more about getting to college with grades, so I guess it is important.”

Photo of Chris Carter

“I think grades are important, but they’re not everything. There’s definitely more to measure a student by than just grades.”

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canyon_wren 9 years, 6 months ago

I realize this question is for the high school students (and they certainly gave some good answers) and the usual posters may not comment. However, it is interesting to look at the question from an adult's point of view. I never did the kind of work in high school (or college) that I was capable of--settled for B's mostly when I could have gotten A's--but I definitely think grades are important while you are in school--both high school, if headed for college, and when you reach that level, as well. After you are older, though, who really cares if your grade point was remarkable? When you start going to high school reunions, you often discover that some some of the high achievers turned out to be rather dull people because they never really experienced failure or were thwarted in some way. This is a generalization, of course, and I shouldn't use it, but it does sometimes seem that people who were either "popular" or real "brainy" in high school think that should be all that is expected of them and sort of have "rested on their laurels" from then on. Life demands a lot more from people than simply a great gradepoint average!But we can't really know that when we are young and it IS important to work for good grades, if only, as Haley, above, says--that working hard in school often reflects what we can do later in life.

Danimal 9 years, 6 months ago

Grades are BS, several of the smartest people I've ever known have gone on to be epic failures after graduating from whatever top-notch college they went to.

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