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What kind of street performances do you enjoy?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 22, 2008

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Photo of John Algaier

“The only ones I’ve really seen are musicians, but I enjoy those quite a bit. It’s a very real experience listening to them play more for the enjoyment of it and not to make any set amount of money.”

Photo of Kelsey Pippitt

“Fire eating is pretty cool. It seems risky, and it’s something I’d never be able to do.”

Photo of Lydia Buckley

“The living statues. They are excellent, and I have good memories of seeing them in tourist destinations like Las Vegas and Disneyland, even Paris.”

Photo of Clint Ricketts

“I like musicians. I always appreciate someone who tries hard playing an instrument on the street. I’m also a big fan of break dancing.”

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janeyb 9 years ago

The ones on the other side of the street.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

"the straits"... as they freak out about anyone and anything that isn't just cracks me up...and brings true joy to my heart...the jaw drops: the shudders: the "oh my"s: and "oh, dear me"s:funny stuff:great fun:

bombshell 9 years ago

Original_Bob: Unfortunately, I too have succumbed to the insectoid sunglass regime... but a girl's gotta have some Jackie O Stunna Shades... right?

sgtwolverine 9 years ago

It must have been a sunny day.Anyway, being from near Detroit, I enjoy reenactments of great street crimes. Wait ... you mean those aren't reenactments?

BrianR 9 years ago

When people use their turn signals correctly.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

I can't believe nobody's mentioned possum juggling.

Haiku_Cuckoo 9 years ago

I like street musicians that actually have talent; not some hack sitting on the sidewalk shaking a couple of maracas.

trinity 9 years ago

hah, sgt-my thoughts exactly! luvvin' the shades! street performances i enjoy? hmmm...the dance of avoiding the steaming piles of doggy-doo on the sidewalk. can be very entertaining.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

Would a wet t-shirt contest be considered a performance?

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

Xtreme mime cage matches. Two mimes enter, one mime leaves!

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

The LPD vs. homeless battles.Also, watching people fall for the old "homeless" trick, and fork over money.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

by the way...I tried tipping one of those "straits" once... he screamed and ran away yelling for the cops...really great fun...

dajudge 9 years ago

I like to watch the plate spinners, you know the ones spinning up on a stick and feats of gluttony along with consumption of mass quantities of beer.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

and... I like belly dancers...are there going to be any belly dancers amongst these buskers?

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

not necessarily standing up for sorority girls' driving ability... because I really don't know anything about that...on the other hand... my wife and I have been run into four times over the past 25 years... in all cases the other driver was ticketed for either failure to yield right-of-way or reckless driving... and in all 4 cases the drivers were middle aged townies...go figure...and... it just so happens that they all probably would have fit into that "straits" category that I mentioned earlier...they are a trip to watch:

bombshell 9 years ago

Original_Bob:I just witnessed one of those last night - only it was a "I have a good idea! I'll back up in my lane for 6 car lengths on Mass St. to go ahead and grab that parking spot I missed..." (Understand that this is the first parking spot from the corner) It doesn't matter that some guy is trying to make a left onto Mass with the use of his green light and yet has to back up back into the intersection to let your cute little blonde self grab that space. I literally stood on Mass & watched the action with a smile on my face, thinking "Wow. Classic." While the guy trying to turn, forced into a backwards turn was probably thinking "Man, I hope I can get this girl's number! She's obviously a catch!"

PapaB 9 years ago

A lover's quarrel where one of them picks up a medium-sized rock and chases the other one around a parking lot while a crowd gathers.

dotteboy 9 years ago

The ones that ask me if I would like a date, snake charmers and sword swallowers.

Write2Know 9 years ago

Original_Bob:I saw one earlier this week. Sorority girl was making a u-turn at the parking control both on the south side of campus. She must not have realized that one needs a permit to drive onto campus. Anyway she cut the u-turn too sharp and crunched the side of her SUV right into the concrete barrier. Inside of stopping and backing up, she gave it some gas and left about a 2 ft gouge along the side of her vehicle.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

Bobdon't get me started about meatheads...

cds 9 years ago

I always enjoy Joe's "street performances" when he urinates in the road, especially at 9th and New Hampshire, and that one guy (Simon?) who walks in the middle of the road with a sheet wrapped around him.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years ago

A spontaneous, uncontrived wave among patrons, originating at the river and rippling southward to the park.

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