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Which summer pest do you dislike most?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 6, 2008

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Photo of Pete Mapes

“It’s probably a tie between the mosquitoes and the gutter punks asking me for money downtown.”

Photo of Iva Zasadny

“I guess it would be ticks. They’re gross and carry disease.”

Photo of ReGina Cruse

“Mosquitoes. I don’t have the discipline not to scratch after they get me.”

Photo of Pete Cashen

“Mosquitoes by far. I get bit a lot - much more than most people.”

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beatrice 7 years ago

Scorpions, since there are no chiggers in AZ. Chiggers had to have been invented by the Devil himself.

stuckinthemiddle 7 years ago

the geeky sales punks that try to sell you over priced junk in the snooty shops downtown...oh... and chiggers... of course...

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Sometimes a dip in the city pool provides relief for poison ivy, chigger and mosquito bites. Must be the cold water and chlorine.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 7 years ago

I run from mosquitoes. (whinensucknflies) I curse chiggers. (scrotumunchnruns) I despise ticks. (deathinjecturds) The worst pest, though, is the damnable humidity beast. If we could find a way to eradicate that insidious horror, if we could loose the coils of this leviathan hovering over our fountains and waters, then its pestiferous legions of onerous, spiny-legged subalterns would shrivel, writhe and die in a mute scream, calling for the mercy of their unhearing, unholy hierarch as they perish like slugs blistering in molten salt.

Ceallach 7 years ago

Chiggers, it hasta be chiggers!

Dixie Jones 7 years ago

wow jje007 you make my head hurt....laughing

sgtwolverine 7 years ago

TOB, you know this is just a step in the inevitable direction of full-head sunglasses. I think we've discussed this before, but this may be the first visible step in that direction.

jonas 7 years ago

sgt: I don't know if I mentioned this when it was brought up before, but full head sunglasses have been available in China for years now. I've been trying to find a picture but I can't. Anyway, I'll bring some back with me next time, and give them to potential OTS respondents.

Satirical 7 years ago

Can my answer be something that is a pest year round? If so, my answer is: Liberals.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 7 years ago

Fruit flies?~) Lame!~)I say that because I am a fruit fly and have respect for fruit flies. Did you know that it takes 248 fruit flies to depress ONE key on these despicable computer keyboards? Me and my buddies had to work REALLY hard just to say BACK off on the fruit fly hating!~)You can't have your food waste recycling and fruit fly hatred, too!~)

sunflower_sue 7 years ago

007, Brilliant! Nobody has mentioned fruit flies. Yeah, I know they don't bite...but how annoying!!! But, hands down, Chiggers. Nasty beasts! I type as I try not to scratch my crotch. I find the whole "spit straw" they leave in our flesh disgusting.Peaches, I'm with ya, but I can handle my teenager. My most pesky is my "little one." (School starts in 12 days! Woo Hoo!)

Confrontation 7 years ago

Soccer MomsTowniesMen with women's namesWomen with men's namesMerc shoppers who have smug

ms_canada 7 years ago

I'm with RI and TOB. The critters don't bother me at all. I believe it's because I don't eat bananas. I eat oranges. Critters don't like oranges. A long time ago my Aunt Anna gave me a remedy guaranteed to wipe out the effect of a mosquito bite. It does work, take my word for it. Keep a little plastic bag of orange peeling in your pocket. If bitten take out a piece and squeeze some of the oil from the peeling onto the bite and rub it in good. This will take the bite away. BUT, this must be done within 5 to 10 minutes of being stung. My husband uses this method all the time and he is muched loved by mosquitoes. He eats bananas.

kidicarus 7 years ago

Couldn't have said it better, Pywacket :)

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Trapdoor buffalo, especially when they're shedding & are all cranky.

canyon_wren 7 years ago

Out here in SE Utah, we don't have chiggers (thank goodness), or they would definitely be my #1 choice of "worst pests." We do have lots of mosquitoes and the West Nile variety have just started hatching. As a rule, mosquitoes don't bother me too much, but the gnats that infest the pinyon-juniper really do, and are absolutely terrible in May and June. Someone told me that rubbing on Listerine repels mosquitoes. I tried that, and all it did was make me sticky--it didn't discourage mosquitoes but DID repel folks around me!

Xwards 7 years ago

It's a toss-up between the chiggers and the mosquitoes. The skeeters are so bad that I can't sit out on the porch anymore. :*(

Linda Aikins 7 years ago

prospector - GREAT ONE!! I will not venture to the southtown shopping showdown for at least two more weeks.

ohjayhawk 7 years ago

sgt - I'm not a huge baseball fan. I tend to enjoy being at games, but not so much watching them on TV. I do dislike the Yankees quite a bit though. I'm just excited because the Senior League team (two age levels above Little League) made up from kids from my high school alma mater just won the central region in Columbia, MO last night and will be representing T-county in the Senior League World Series in Bangor, ME.

ohjayhawk 7 years ago

I'd have to say mosquitos. I'd usually say gnats, but after what they did to the dang Yankees last year, gnats can't be all that bad...

Raider 7 years ago

The student. They usually show up in late July and early August. Very disruptive, rude, bad drivers, and overall annoying. They stick around until mid-May. :-)

sgtwolverine 7 years ago

[ my favorite sport is better than yours ]Which summer pest do I dislike the most?Baseball![ / my favorite sport is better than yours ]No, seriously, I've actually come to enjoy baseball after shooting it for three years. But still ... baseball gets old after 50 or 60 games, so I think summer is a pretty dead time for sports.

nana12 7 years ago

I would have to say Chiggers the iching lasts for a week and a half sometimes. With a Masquito it is gone in a couple days. We live by the lake and both are bad.

dminear60 7 years ago

Ants. And the little girl that lives across the street.

sunflower_sue 7 years ago

sgt, I took the girls ice skating last Sunday because, well, it was dang hot and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Being in the rink made me think of you (lots of hockey pics) and I thought you'd think it crazy to know how many people were using the ice. The rink had 10 kids in it! My 2, 3 hockey players, 4 figure skaters, and 1 figure skater's boyfriend. Crazy, I'll tell ya, crazy!

sunflower_sue 7 years ago

prospector, I've always wondered what those were called. I've seen lots of them lately displaying the full regalia of crappy furniture. Maybe some kind of courtship ritual?

bevy 7 years ago

Wonder if any of those people at the pool have been bitten by horse flies while ON A HORSE! I checked on my ponies last night and the nasties had bitten my boy's hocks until the blood ran down. Fly spray does not seem to faze them, either, so the ponies have to stand head to tail and swish them off each other.For summer pests the past three years - the FLEAS! My yard is infested and they get in the house on the cats and on our clothes. They are impossible to kill! I feel like I have practically napalmed my house and the little ankle biters are still there. I hate to use insecticide in the yard because it kills the beneficials, but I guess I'll just have to do it.The heat doesn't slow them down either, and I read that a flea can live for 18 months!ARGGGGHHH

sgtwolverine 7 years ago

jonas, that's mildly disturbing. But maybe we'll get to see some full-head sunglasses during the olympics!

countrygirl 7 years ago

Chiggers and politicians. I'm getting to where I hate to watch any of the local channels on TV.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

All those little moisture molecules that really make the hot days unbearable.

George_Braziller 7 years ago

I agree with your comment about chiggers. BUT there are also scorpions in Kansas as well. Head 150 miles or so to the west and you'll find them. They aren't large, only about the size of a cricket but they can sneak into your shoe just the same.____beatrice (Anonymous) says: Scorpions, since there are no chiggers in AZ. Chiggers had to have been invented by the Devil himself.

beatrice 7 years ago

George-B, I had no idea Kansas has scorpions. Thanks for the info -- chiggers and scorpions -- Yikes! You win. Multi, out here we primarily have what are called "bark scorpions." They can grow to a couple of inches long, fairly light in color, and pack a heck of a venomous sting. It hurts like hell for a couple of days then is just kind of numb for up to a couple months. I got hit by one, but it was a glancing blow on my foot. Just had numbness for a coule of days. Poison doesn't work very well, because you pretty much have to spray them directly. They are nocturnal, and if you use a black light they fluoresce -- it is pretty amazing. Then you take something heavy or a long pointy instrument ... well, you get the picture. We had them pretty heavily when we moved here, but removed a couple of tree stumps where they had apparently been nesting, and now we only get the occasional scorpion passing by. Here is a pretty good site that lists other things to do to keep the home as safe as possible from scorpions:

George_Braziller 7 years ago

Spacehog - I don't think that you should be throwing out comments about "the Flying Morons." I read some of your posts. Here's a gem:"spacehog (Anonymous) says: "Ice", also known as crystal methamphetamine. Really keeps me going in this hot weather.On What is your favorite frozen treat to have on a hot day?"Yeah, you're a real treasure.

pissedinlawrence 7 years ago

"gutter punks" LOL, ~ the mayflies are horrible!

StirrrThePot 7 years ago

"It's probably a tie between the mosquitoes and the gutter punks asking me for money downtown."LOL!!Quality, Mr. Mapes.

not_dolph 7 years ago

Is Metta just a new identity for Cool / Spiderman? You be the judge. Multiple posts. Youtube links. OCD. See -

George_Braziller 7 years ago

The first time I ever saw a scorpion was in a cabin at Wilson Lake. There were three on the floor. One in the bedroom and two in the bathroom. Who knows how many more were outside in the rocks.______beatrice (Anonymous) says: George-B, I had no idea Kansas has scorpions. Thanks for the info - chiggers and scorpions - Yikes! You win.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

I prefer to think of him as temPorary-resident Bush.( That pest will disappear when the Arctic air descends. )

Quigly 7 years ago

My wife on her vacation time. Well all the time OHHH PAZOWZA!

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