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What are you reading?

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Photo of Jeff Ford

“David Weber’s ‘Off Armageddon Reef.’ It’s the second book in a science fiction series where Earth has been wiped out by a superior race and mankind has hidden away a small group of survivors who aren’t aware of their circumstances.”

Photo of Meredith Moore

The Omnivore’s Dilemma,’ by Michael Pollan, and I’m loving it. It’s about the trend in American eating to buy food at the end of a very long process, and the author focuses on four meals from the dinner table back to their origins.”

Photo of Kevin Johnson

Cinnamon Kiss,’ by Walter Mosley. It’s a continuation of his Easy Rawlins series that includes ‘Devil in a Blue Dress.’”

Photo of Abby Musgrove

Gideon’s Dawn,’ by Michael D. Warden. He’s one of my favorite authors. It’s kind of a fantasy science fiction, where the main character is pulled into a world where words can manifest physically.”


ms_canada 9 years, 4 months ago

I love history and crime novels, combining the two is a winning combination for me. Paul Doherty is a favourite auther. He has a character called Sir Hugh Corbett who is a King's Clerk. Travels around England solving crimes for the King, King Edward II that is. These stories take place in the early 1300's. I have read most of Doherty's books. He writes under three names. P.C. Doherty and also Michael Clines. All very good books. Also picked up two books by Michael Jecks. The are called the Knights Templar mysteries, can't wait to get into those.

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