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Do you think Hillary Clinton can still win the Democratic nomination now that she has won in Pennsylvania?

Asked at Borders, 700 N.H. on April 24, 2008

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“Oh sure, I think she can win it. I think in the end it’s going to come down to the superdelegates, and while she might not catch Obama on the number of delegates overall, she might win enough superdelegates to support her nomination.”

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“I hope not. I think it would be better for everyone if she would concede and let Obama have it.”

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“No. She’s still too far behind overall. She pretty much has to sweep at this point, and I don’t know if I see that happening.”

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“Yes, I still think it’s very possible for either of them to win. If anything, the win draws more publicity for her, and all those little things really matter when it’s this close. So I’m really nervous that she might be able to do it.”


deec 10 years ago

"She should just get out of politics and out of the public spotlight, because her name was ruined when she stood by her philandering husband."So by standing by her man and actually living the family values of no divorce and keeping the family together, you find this a liability? What happened to the traditional religious value of forgiving and forgetting?

preebo 10 years ago

Yeah she could win, but I think the more likely scenario would be her joining the ticket as his V.P.It doesn't make sense, geographically, being they are both from "Blue States" likely to go Dem in November anyway. However, they have effectively split the core groups of the Democratic party right down the middle, so it would stand to reason in this political climate that they could destroy McCain in the fall if running together.

gccs14r 10 years ago

McCain is a marionette, sitting there waiting for PNAC to start pulling his strings.

geppetto 10 years ago

it doesn't matter anymore. McCain will win in Nov. 2008 and again in Nov. 2012. Thank you Hillary, we love you!

number3of5 10 years ago

I pity the populus of the United States if someone as superficial as Hillary Clinton becomes our next president. Women are well known for changing their minds on a mere whim, I know I'm one. Women with money behind them are the worst.She should just get out of politics and out of the public spotlight, because her name was ruined when she stood by her philandering husband.

sgtwolverine 10 years ago

It would be mildly amusing if Obama won more delegates and more overall votes but lost the nomination because of the superdelegates.But no, I think the promise of nebulous change will end up winning.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

It really doesn't matter. Neither one will win in November. Once again the Dems are going to blow a perfeclty winable election because they still don't get it, and can't provide us with a reasonable candidate. One talks empty, the other talks silly. Guess which is which? Yes, that is the problem.

canyon_wren 10 years ago

I certainly have to agree with TopJayhawk. Logicsound04--he/she (TopJayhawk)isn't saying that McCain is better; if anything, he/she sounds like a Democrat who is mightily discouraged, and is certainly not alone in that camp.Yes, I do think that Hillary can win the nomination, but in no way can she win in November if the Dems pick her. I am not sure that Obama can, either, after his comment about "bitter small town folks." As a registered Independent, I'm not fond of any of the three candidates, myself. I would be willing to bet a large sum that the Dems at the last minute will trot out Al Gore, which would also be a disaster. It is so too bad that the people who make those decisions have no clue as to what REAL people across the country want and need. Another four years (at least) down the drain, I believe.

chet_larock 10 years ago

i see others agree with me. le has been disappearded.

enochville 10 years ago

If we are talking about sheer possibility, then yeah, Hillary could win if the superdelegates turn out for her. But, when we look at probability, then no, Hillary does not have much of a chance at all.I am an Obama supporter. His talk isn't empty nor is his promise of change nebulous. That is how some people want to paint him, but I challenge anyone who believes that he has not been specific to take a good hard look at his website in which he spells out his proposals.Hillary and Barack are not that different on policy proposals. The difference is I believe he can get the policies passed through Congress through bi-partisan agreement. I think it will be much more difficult for Hillary to do the same, especially if and when Republicans control either the House or Senate. What good is a bunch of good policy proposals if they never get made into law?I do trust Barack more on foreign policy. I look forward to the day when we have a woman president, but Hillary is not the right one. Heck, I'd take Governor Sebilius over Hillary anyday.

canyon_wren 10 years ago

enochville, nice to see your name again! I agree that it would be nice to have a woman president and I believe we are ready for one, but Hillary is definitely not THE one and could not get elected. I think Sebelius would be a good VP choice for Obama--that, too, is probably unlikely. It's certainly anyone's guess as to what will ultimately happen.

dminear60 10 years ago

No. I don't think Hillary can pull it out without the super delegates and I don't think all of the superdelegates will disregard how the voters in their own states have pledged their votes. As democrats, they are still stinging from the Gore/Bush Florida fiasco so I cannot imagine they would want their candidate tainted by even the hint of a corrupt bargain.Hillary has blievability issues and trust issues. Frankly, after the sniper fire misremembering incident, I am surprised the Pennsylvanian voters cast their votes for her.

blessed3x 10 years ago

I'm just glad that the Democratic party's voting process has allowed for EVERY vote to count unlike the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004! Well...except for Michigan and since Obama pulled himself off the ticket, those votes just won't be counted. So I guess as long as the MAJORITY of the votes were counted that's what really counts. Oh...and there was that little mishap in Florida. Those voters don't count either even though both candidates were on the ticket. Besides those voters are used to being disenfranchised. So I guess as long as MOST of the votes were counted that's what really counts. Wait...there are some states that have superdelegates that are casting their vote for the candidate NOT chosen by the voters in their states, completely disregarding the will of the people.So I guess as long as SOME of the votes were counted that's what really counts. Way to go Democrats! You've screwed this up WAY more than the republicans ever could have.What will the feeling be if Hillary wins the most popular votes but loses the nomination because of uncounted votes and superdelegates? Will the same people cry fowl that bashed President Bush for "stealing" the election in Florida? "Let every vote count" was their battle cry!! Well, except when it's the DNC throwing votes in the wastepaper basket.

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years ago

To bad they didn't choose Joe Biden even I would vote for him. Hillary will win this, Clintons still own the dem party and george sorros.

oldvet 10 years ago

I'm not sure that Hillary can win enough of the remaining states with enough margin to make up the delegate count... and I just can't see the supers going against the popular votes or the delegate votes to put Hillary in if she is still behind in both of those counts... that, I believe, would put war on the floor of the convention (and maybe in the streets), with charges of a sell-out. I also don't believe that either Obama or Hillary can carry the general election alone, but I will not be surprised if, after declaring Obama the presidential candidate, Hillary steps into the VP slot, regardless of her denials at this time. This would keep her in a strong position in DC and only a heartbeat away from the office she wants. This combined ticket could totally unite the Democrats and carry them in November.

blessed3x 10 years ago

oldvet, I would be inclined to disagree with you (Hillary WILL NOT wait for 8 more years) except that something you said rang true. You said she would be "only a heartbeat away from the office she wants". That phrase got me thinking. Anyone remember Vince Foster? And what about all the others? she will run as VP.

canyon_wren 10 years ago

"...a heartbeat away from the office she wants..."--now, THERE's a depressing thought and one that Obama and supporters must keep in mind.

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

A write-in campaign for Warren G. Harding is starting to look like a better alternative.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years ago

Gawd. Who even cares? What will change when the new "designated electable (com/du)plicitous politico" is named POTUS ? Not a THING!

sgtwolverine 10 years ago

"So by standing by her man and actually living the family values of no divorce and keeping the family together, you find this a liability?"What if she stayed in the marriage because she knew her career would be damaged by a divorce?

dminear60 10 years ago

I am an Obama supporter. And as much as I want him to be the candidate on the ballot in November, I would still vote for Hillary over McCain. At least she wants to end the war in Iraq as soon as possible. McCain...not so much.

budwhysir 10 years ago

I thought Hillary said she has already won. Does anyone have anything better to do than worry about what these politicians are doing? I do, im more concerned about what they will do when I quit buying gas for my car and start my garden. Im going to homestead some land along the river and live in a tent. Then I wont have to worry about it. No income equals no taxes. If there are no taxes, these people wouldnt have a paying job and would be like the rest of us poor little guys here. Why do we give all the power to 5% of the population

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

"Women are well known for changing their minds on a mere whim, I know I'm one. Women with money behind them are the worst." - #3of5Do you live in Stepford? throws up a little in mouth

beatrice 10 years ago

It will all be sorted out, and who ever wins will trounce McCain, since McCain is clueless on the economy (as he readily admits) and he is for continuing the war in Iraq for the next 100 years if necessary (he said so himself). While he may have some admirable qualities and liberal stances on issues like immigration, that won't be enough to win swing voters his way and will prevent hardcore we-want-to-control-your-lives social conservatives in large enough numbers to win. The attention is on the fighting among the democrats right now, since that is where a fight is. Once the attention is focused on the differences between the democrats and the republicans, then we will see McCain's popularity slide and slide and slide. He has alligned himself too closely with Bush, has flip-flopped to support Bush's economic plans, and America simply can't afford an extension of the past 8 years with McBush. The republicans had their chance, and they proved to put the self-interest of their monied backers (what Bush calls "my base") above that of the nation. America put former oil men in the White House and, low and behold, we see record profits for oil companies, all the while our nation is in a war with no end in sight, as our deficit grows and the dollar shrinks. There is no way America will vote for more of the McSame.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

beatrice (Anonymous) says: "It will all be sorted out, and who ever wins will trounce McCain ... There is no way America will vote for more of the McSame."Pass the crying towels out early. Down to a virtual dead heat, with both Dems plummeting:

conservativepunker 10 years ago

Jeez...what a nightmare...the Screechin' Dragon Lady.....

jonas 10 years ago

number3of5 (Anonymous) says:"Women are well known for changing their minds on a mere whim, I know I'm one."I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that it might just be. . . well. . . you, did it? I admit that it can be scary to find such a deep character flaw, thus the projection on the rest of the society, but it might be something to see a therapist about or something.

canyon_wren 10 years ago

You make some really good points, BABBOY!

JohnBrown 10 years ago

Hillary is a liar and McCain is a flip-flopper. Eight years ago I would have voted for McCain, but not since he's turned a deaf ear to torture. Hillary flat-out LIED about the sniper fire...that's an insight into a woman who will say anything to get power.GW has proved that ANYONE can be C-I-C and at least get by.Funny, in the last democratic debate, it seemed as if Obama was the only grown-up there...actually wanting to talk about the issues while the moderators and Hillary kept kept to trivializing.

notajayhawk 10 years ago

JohnBrown (Anonymous) says: "Eight years ago I would have voted for McCain, but not since he's turned a deaf ear to torture."Not entirely true. The bill that Senator McCain voted (correctly) to defeat was about more than waterboarding, as many have tried to paint it. It would have tied the hands of the CIA beyond what was necessary or reasonable. Rather than trying to convince you, I can only urge you to read the wording of the bill yourself.********BABBOY (Anonymous) says: "I will vote for which ever democrat wins."And therein lies the problem. I'm not going to go on at length about something I posted in another thread, I'll just link to what I already said:

beatrice 10 years ago

McCain turning a deaf ear ... there is a joke in there somewhere, but I don't want to appear ageist. pisa, even if it is a "virtual dead heat" right now, it is simply because nobody is even talking about McCain or where he stands on issues, which is to say nobody is talking about how similar McCain's views for the future are to Bush's very unpopular actions on the economy and the war these past 8 years. Once the argument shifts from Dem vs. Dem to Dem vs. Rep, goodbye McSame, hello President Obama! (While I admire her and think she would make a great President, I don't think Senator Clinton can catch Senator Obama at this point.)

janeyb 10 years ago

While I hate the GOP, I will have to think twice before putting a Democrat president with a Democrat Congress, especially Obama who is holding hands with every major liberal in the country. I like a little more check-and-balance. It will come down to VP candidates for me. I won't vote for McCain if he goes with a right-wing evangelical as a VP, even if Ted Kennedy is Obama's VP. I'll go far left before I'll go far right. We've had 8 years of far right. It sucks! How old is Colin Powell? He would be my choice for VP. Condo Rice? No way!I still think Hillary would be the better candidate. The Democrat Congress won't jump to support all her ideas, many hate her, and she has a good working relationship with many of the moderate Republicans--sorry RINOs. While black voters will vote for Hillary or Obama over McCain, the bitter white working class, especially men, will vote for McCain over Obama. The bitter white working class wasn't so bitter during the Bill Clinton years and may support Hillary. Sometimes it is more about how the candidate will operate within the current system, not about what they stand for individually.--with liberty and justice for all.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

beatrice (Anonymous) says: "pisa, even if it is a "virtual dead heat" right now, it is simply because nobody is even talking about McCain or where he stands on issues, which is to say nobody is talking about how similar McCain's views for the future are to Bush's very unpopular actions on the economy and the war these past 8 years. Once the argument shifts from Dem vs. Dem to Dem vs. Rep, goodbye McSame, hello President Obama!"Just keep telling yourself that, bea, just keep telling yourself that. It will just make it so much sweeter the morning of November 5th, when you'll be too dazed to even post here, in total shock that such a large part of the country doesn't think like the fine folks in Lawrence. Like the rest of Kansas, for instance.

budwhysir 10 years ago

I love it, a debate on nothing at all. These people will change the rules as soon as the game is started. What they are telling you now is only what you want to hear to get them in the race. When they get there they will tell you what you want to hear to get them elected.The end of the game is when they do what they want to do and its just the opposite of what they said

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

Sorry, logicsouse, but it's the people like you and bea that thinks that they speak for the country that I hate, not Lawrence itself. Especially when their expertise is based on what they read in the award-winning LJW's message boards rather than having any actual experience knowledge of what the rest of the country is thinking.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

Oh, and by the way, logicsouse, I choose to go have dinner with my family rather than to stay here and read your inevitable blithering-idiot response. If you choose to interpret that as "running away," by all means let your inflated ego convince you that you're winning.

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

well, Pisa, you just jousted with two of the elitist liberals on here, and drew blood. nice job. indeed the bill was much more than waterboarding and would have endangered our security. speaking of which, a majority of the house, including 21 dems, support the senate compromise that the whithouse and intel chiefs approve of, to clear the problem with wiretaps. pelosi is holding this up and endangering our country in the process. this is a real world problem and nancy pelosi demorat of san francisco knows that the safety of us all is endangered by her actions; but politics is stronger than loyalty to the country.
now, on to the question, of course sHrillary could win, it is up to the superdelagates. what a wonderful exercise in democracy is the demorat party!!!we are glad she is still in the race. keep going all the way to the convention.***what she did by "staying with her man" as has been said was not at all moral or sacraficial. she knew that her political future hinged on not divorcing Bill. so, from the 60-minutes interview in 1992 to helping to attack the victims of bills abuse, I think the number is seven, she actually enabled an abuser of women. good evidence that as atty gen, bill raped a woman in arkansas. more evidence of that than anita hill's claims against justice thomas btw. libs got all up in arms about that, but regarding bill's rape, they happily turn a blind eye. some kinda feminism? Hillary has voted to protect the practice of partial birth abortion, as has barry h. o'bama. barry o'bama even voted against providing medical care to the babies of IL that happened to survive abortions. barry h. o'bama: his pastor, his church (with the killer black liberation theology), his wife who hasn't been proud of america for most of her life, and his unrepentant domestic terrorist bomber buddy. the latter, o'bama had a fundraiser in his home and his spokesman says they are friends! the domestic terrorist was quoted in an interview in the jihad times on of all days 9-11-01 that he thought they should have done more than the bombing of the pentagon and nypd hq etc.

Sigmund 10 years ago

I have no idea if she can still win, but it looks like no matter which candidate wins, we all will be losers. Our only hope is for all three populist and potential Panders-in-Chief to die in a tragic pig pen accident while dolling out pork and chickens for every pot.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

logicsound04 (Anonymous) says: "Have you ever considered addressing your obvious anger issues?"Unlike sniveling little wuss's like you, logicsouse, I prefer to express my disdain for weasels like you, rather than hide behind your style of passive-agressive whining."Confusing threads, are we pisawork? Try to calm down and it would make it easier for you to focus and keep things straight."Oh, sorry, forgot weasel-boy doesn't like it when people bring up the trash he posts to other threads. Still think everyone else is as impressed with your "entire body of work" in the award-winning LJW message boards as you obviously are, logicsouse? Don't like it when people call attention to threads you got laughed off?"But since you bring it up, if you think I'm referring to the fact that you occasionally take extended periods to answer, I'm not."No, of course you weren't, weasel. So, let me get this straight ... when you "have had days at a time where I have not responded" it's because of "other obligations." (Finding someone to wipe your nose, probably.) When someone else fails to answer in a time frame acceptable to you (in your self-appointed role as moderator), they're "running away." You really are a pompous clown, weasel-boy. And you don't have the intelligence to put a three-year-old in their place, little one. But keep dreaming, we all have to have goals, no matter how unrealistic.BTW, troll, some reason you posted this at 1:30 in the morning when your last post was before midnight? Took you an hour and a half to come up with this response? Or were you hoping you could sneak it in too late for me to see, so you could babble on some more about me "running away?""I know I'm not the only poster who has noticed this habit of yours."Whereas you're drawing nothing but compliments these days:>>"well, Pisa, you just jousted with two of the elitist liberals on here, and drew blood.">>"And a sad, little man who writes "poly sci" knows so much more about politics than Hayek. You're cracking me up, logicsound. You couldn't be more of a joke it you tried."And that's just in the last few hours. Gee, logicsouse, not only don't you speak for the American populace, seems you don't even speak for the award-winning LJW message board members.Please don't mistake my lack of a response in the future as "running away," troll. Sometimes response is simply unnecessary anyway. Anyone can see what a jacka** you are by your own words, they don't need me pointing it out to them. Heck, they don't even have to study your "entire body of work."

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

Good point Logicsound.. I don't like him either. I don't like any of them... What to do...What to do..

Hoots 10 years ago

None of the above. I hate Bush but I have to think this bunch isn't any better. At this point I'd rather pick someone at random walking on the sidewalk in downtown Lawrence and tell them to run this mess. The people we have running have never done anything but sling mudd in a sadbox called politics for the most part. OK...McCain flew a jet and had the Vietcon drive him Koo Koo for Co Co Puffs but that doesn't mean any one of them are qualified to do any more than file a lawsuit or work at the city landfill. These folks flat SUCK. This whole thing has gone on way too long...enough already. I can't even watch the news anymore unless its BBC or something from overseas. I've had it. Have any of them told you anything specific? No, none of them have a clue what to do.

notajayhawk 10 years ago

logicsound04 (Anonymous) says: "I counted 17 childish insults in that one post. I'd be interesting to see if you could manage that lengthy a post without the use of gradeschooler tactics."Well, when I speak to a spoiled three year old, I do have to talk down somewhat. Wouldn't want you to have to get someone to help you read the big words, after all, Mr. MBA."Please read this statement slowly and twice so that you are sure to understand it: "running away" is when you comment on a thread, get a response, and NEVER return. If your return a week later, you are still returning."My but you're full of yourself, aren't you, pompous a? Like I really am going to come back a week later and look up old threads to see what you had to say. Now, if that's what you do (and apparently it is), maybe you need a little help for that obsessive-compulsive thing."Forgive me if I put zero stock in what either has to say."Or what anyone but the amazing logicsouse has to say, apparently. Gee, another shocker. By the way, it's not too hard to find other members that "have a problem" with you."Our exchanges demonstrate otherwise."In your deluded little pea-brain, logicsouse,. Just because you're not bright enough to see when you're being made the fool, assuming you're somehow making superior points is a bit of a stretch. I'll take the word of other posters as to who drew blood."I was simply suggesting that your posts might make more sense to the audience you seem to be posturing for if you kept the topic to this thread."Translation: "Please don't bring up the idiotic statements that show my true (pompous a) colors. Yes, I said those things, but you can't hold me to them now, this is a new thread." Besides, logicsouse, if memory serves, the thread where you made your infamous little "entire body of work" comment was one where you jumped into the thread and made several posts attacking someone's posts without saying anything at all about the topic."Setting yourself up for an exit"Hardly. I know that's your favorite tactic, keep posting until the thread dies so you can claim 'victory' in your own little mind by getting the last word. But as long as you keep making an a** out of yourself, I'll keep pointing it out.Now I'm glad I decided to look this one up ... wouldn't want troll-boy to get his poor little head any more inflated by thinking he got the last word in.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

And yes, I realize I forgot to sign notajayhawk off. Sorry, nota. Not that he agrees with your cr*p either, logicsouse, but for some reason he's able to stomach you and refrain from responding better.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

Tsk, looks like logicsouse 'ran away.'Just as well. There is one more thing about your last moronic post, logicsouse. You said "...when you comment on a thread, get a response, and NEVER return." Now, anyone who has posted to these forums (let alone someone who's posted 3640 times) knows when you post a comment you exit the thread. While it's obvious that the 'logic' part of your name is meant as a parody, maybe you like to take a stab at explaining how I would know a response was posted to the comment I made on exit? Is that even possible in what passes for 'logic' in your deluded universe, logicsouse?

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"Women with money behind them are the worst."Hilarious. Guess the rules are different if the woman in question is named Cindy.

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"Maybe the parties need to start working together on serious issues instead of their own pork belly agendas."No! The parties have very different agendas - witness the last 7+ years which have gone just the way the republitraitors have intended. Working with the party of the corporate interests will get you nothing more than a $7.00/hr job, diminishing health and safety regulation and even fewer Constitutional rights and protections than the traitor bush has left you. Open your eyes, pay attention and quit letting the corporate media spoon feed you nonsense. Does Hillary have a chance? Hell yes. In fact, she stacks up far stronger on the electoral map against McCain than Obama does. A reality that rarely gets mentioned in what substitutes for news coverage in this country. It is in the interest of the media, after all, to continue the horserace story as long as they can to maximize their advertising dollars and bottom line profit. If she is able to withstand the corporate media onslaught Hillary is the only remaining candidate tough, strong and committed enough to beat McCain.

pisafromthewest 10 years ago

Ah, logicsouse, such a poor little child. As much as I'd love to address your rather lengthy self-indulgences, somehow the idea of addessing three posts worth of a three-year-old's rantings (and you say I'm obsessive-compulsive, troll?) isn't what I had in mind for a Saturday night. Besides, the possibility of getting through the delusions of a spoiled child who really believes he's such an expert on every subject under the sun, from basketball to police procedures to the Constitution, just because daddy bought him an MBA (although I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's noticed you don't seem to be too busy during the daytime) has been demonstrated to be pointless in the extreme. I realize you'll continue to pretend you don't care, logicsouse, what others say about you ... that's why you keep whining to the moderators to have people removed who point out your feebleness, as I'm sure you'll keep trying to do with me ... and I'm sure you'll keep disappearing of the threads where several people laugh you out, then resurfacing like a slug and accusing others of doing so. And I'm sure you'll consider my boredom as capitulation, which is fine, as nothing is going to break through your monumental egotism and ruin your delusions that you're such a great debater, or that anyone besides you is impressed or even cares what you post ... even when you make posts by the thousands. As for me, I'll continue to laugh my a** off when I read your drivel, and revel in the posts of others who see you for the pompous windbag that you will always be. "Entire body of work" notwithstanding.

unklemonkey 10 years ago

No way she can win it. She would not only have to sweep, but she'd have to win everything by 20 plus percent.

budwhysir 10 years ago

Looky here, news that is two days old still being muled over by the side of our population with nothing better to do. Do you realize that politicians are using our tax money to make a great living? NOw here is a question for you. How can two senators with all this money, spend so much time debating and fighting about thier illusion stance on unrealistic topics and still be a successful part of your senate???????And another thing, do we have so much time to ponder on this side of the rich fence while we have an allstar athlete that went 20th in the draft picks? Think of how long you will have to work to pay for tickets to see him play. Wont be long till he makes 20 mil a year throwing a football around. And to think that our food prices are going up and a poor little piggy had to sacrafice to make that football so he could make all that money.Food for thought in our empty little tummies trying so hard to fill our starved ego of the every day life in middle life America

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