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What can students do to help out on Earth Day?

Asked at West Junior High School on April 15, 2008

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Photo of Katie Guyot

“We can make sure that we don’t litter at all, recycle everything that we can and actually pay attention in science class when the teacher is talking about global warming.”

Photo of John Wade

“Help clean up trash around parks and help plant flowers and trees.”

Photo of Steve Allen

“Volunteer to help clean up the highways.”

Photo of Raven Graves

“We can help out on Earth Day by organizing our recycling efforts and helping to clean up our cities’ green spaces.”

Photo of Paige Rothwell

“Clean up trash and don’t litter, volunteer to do some community service, and help make the Earth a cleaner place.”

Photo of Rachel Longren

“We can go buy flowers, plants and trees to plant, or we could all ride our bikes to school that week.”

Photo of Alden Slote

“Recycle, turn off lights, try not to waste water, and walk, ride a bike or take the bus.”

Photo of Brogan Sievers

“We can try to spread some knowledge about global warming by talking to people or handing out information.”


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