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What benefits do you think the success of Kansas athletics will bring to Kansas University?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 13, 2008

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Photo of Mike Fonkert

“The most prominent is probably going to be the recruiting for our sports programs, especially football and basketball. But overall, it will mean more exposure for both the school and the state.”

Photo of Jo Ann Stuckey

“It certainly is a lot of publicity for the university. The more people hear about us, the more they’ll want to come here.”

Photo of Tanner Burns

“I think it’s great for student morale. And I think it’s a great recruiting tool, not just for student athletes, but for any prospective student.”

Photo of Amy Clark

“I would think it would put them even more on the national stage and give them a little more recognition - maybe a little more respect, too.”


Lindsey Buscher 10 years ago

Someone just say it...BRAGGING RIGHTS!

George_Braziller 10 years ago

What happened to the idea of going to college for, oh, let's say . . . an education?

riverdrifter 10 years ago

Higher ticket prices piled upon those that Joe Six-pack cannot already afford. There is no end to it. See KC Chiefs.

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