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Do you plan on attending the parade for the championship team on Sunday?

Asked at Jefferson's Restaurant and on Massachusetts Street on April 12, 2008

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Photo of Lyndsay Bettlach

“I’m going to be in it. I’m on the cheer squad, so we’ll be following the band. I’m really excited to see the town’s reaction. I was at the homecoming ceremony at the stadium and this should be great, too.”

Photo of Nick Batman

“Unfortunately I have to work, but hopefully I’ll be able to watch it on TV while I’m there.”

Photo of Anna Sobering

“No parade watching for me I’m afraid. I have three tests next week, so I’ll be spending this weekend studying.”

Photo of Vance Weintraub

“I’ll be working on Mass. Street, so I’ll only be able to watch it from the window.”


ohjayhawk 9 years ago

I wish I could be there. Ironically, it's going right past the apartment complex I used to live in out there. I would've only had to walk down the parking lot to see it.

labmonkey 9 years ago

Anna Sobering had a sobering answer.

number3of5 9 years ago

Wasn't there enough damage done on the nights when the games were played? Yeah, I know the police reports took the easy way out and did not report all of the damage. Isn't a parade to honor someone who just plays ball asking for more trouble. Great they won. Get over it already.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

no number it willnot be as bad not going have all the people pouring out of bars hitting the street. It will be caotic no dout but not anything like the night time partys. But you know there is always going to be those that just want to cause a problem it would not matter when or where.

kendraku 9 years ago

The nice thing about a parde is it is a safe (ish) space for kids, who hopefully were not out at the bars on Monday night when we won.

Deb Stavin 9 years ago

"Great they won. Get over it already."Losing is something we'd have to get over. Winning is something we get to enjoy forever.--Deb Stavin

Frederic Gutknecht IV 9 years ago

No. I am going to listen on Hollering Communications air waves.

wysiwyg69 9 years ago

hey deb is it that time of the month , again

bambi 9 years ago

You bet I'll be there! This is an exciting time! In these days of murder mayhem and angry words, it is wonderful to have something clean and wholesome to celebrate! This isn't left vs right or good vs evil, it's a congratulatory celebration of hard work and dedication! The ultimate result of true team work at it's best! Even if you are not a basketball fan, this is an exciting time for Lawrence, Ks! The WORLD is looking at us this week and how we come out to celebrate their win is important! This group of boys and their coach handled themselves with class and honor on the court, on the road and with the press. It is our responsibility to show the world we can do the same! To listen to the commentators compliment this KU Basketball team and their coach was a source of pride. Some people took the comments that we had no "stand out" players and not one of the team was voted to the hall of fame as a put down. But in reality they were saying, this whole team was a stand out! The way they all played together in true "team work" style has been rewarded! Proof of the old saying, "it's always easier when you work together". Bill Self did a great job of pulling together a solid basketball team and teaching them the true meaning of team. And their hard work has been rewarded. We as citizens of Lawrence Kansas owe it to the team to show the world that class does not stop with basketball. Yes, there was damage done by the mob that celebrated on the streets, however it didn't come close to the damage done in '88 with fewer people. Heck, I can remember "way back in the day" when just a regular game between KU and KSU would generate overturned cars and arson! I am proud of Lawrence today! I believe spreading the parade out was a very smart thing, we'll all be able to breathe, see and be seen rather than all bunched up in the small space of downtown.

H_Lecter 9 years ago

I'll be in the crowd...probably right behind you.

unklemonkey 9 years ago

"Great they won. Get over it."Hell no.

8ball 9 years ago


1wetwilly 9 years ago

For many of today's players, college basketball provides an opportunity for sports notoriety while simultaneously promoting criminal conduct and gang affiliation. Institutions benefit financially from it, so they continue to accept and even seek nefarious minded individuals simply for their basketball skills. I will not attend the parade because in addition to recognizing a winning season, it also honors and celebrates dubious, character-flawed, criminal members of society.

Haiku_Cuckoo 9 years ago

Wasn't there enough damage done on the nights when the games were played?======Ummm, not really, no. Considering the size of the crowd, there was surprisingly little damage.

Wendy magillicutty 9 years ago

1WW- you're thinking of biased "sports" broadcasters who will never be in a position of 100,000 well-wishers waving at them.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

1ww -"promoting gang affiliation?"Reaching there just a (huge)bit, aren't you......

MCwzMC 9 years ago

1wetwilly :"college basketball ... promote[s] criminal conduct and gang affiliation. Institutions benefit financially from it, so they continue to accept and even seek nefarious minded individuals simply for their basketball skills . . . . [The parade] honors and celebrates dubious, character-flawed, criminal members of society."----------Wow. I hope you intended that as hyperbole. If not, creepy is an understatement. Your gross generalizations are entirely misplaced. So misplaced, in fact, I probably souldn't even be wasting my time replying to your ignorant post. These players accomplished something very impressive, and they deserve the praise they get for it. I, for one, would like to thank these players for giving Americans one of the most entertaining college basketball championships in history. Compared to many other sports (or life in general), college basketball is pure. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

simplykristib 9 years ago

Yes, my closest friends and I are driving up from KC.

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