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What is the longest distance you have ever run?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 7, 2008

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Photo of Megan Simpson

“About four and a half miles, when I was really into running last summer. I’m planning to run in the 5K on April 20th.”

Photo of Sean Patton

“I think the longest was 14 miles, courtesy of the U.S. Army.”

Photo of Daniel Benson

“Probably five miles just working out on a treadmill. My mother keeps trying to convince me to do a marathon with her, but she just had a couple of knee surgeries, so I’m not convinced it’s for me.”

Photo of Deja Stephenson

“Four miles just the other day. Well, two miles and I walked a little on the second two.”


born_to_run 10 years ago

I've completed 2 full marathons (26.2 mi each) and several half marathons (13.1 miles). Currently, I'm training for a 1/2 marathon in St. Louis in July. (It will be hot, and my time will be a lot slower).

jonas 10 years ago

Not as far as any of those people, apparently.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years ago

Without stopping?10 miles...With stops?I'm still going...

trinity 10 years ago

about 3 or 4 steps-when i thought my beer was fixin' to spill. ;)

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

I ran a block to catch a bus once. It was in San Francisco, so I also had to hurdle about a dozen homeless people, thus increasing the difficulty level quite a bit.

jonas 10 years ago

Bill Hicks had a lot to say about the 50 yard bum-hurdle."Oops. I tipped that last one, but I didn't time him over. That hurdle counts!"

Erin Parmelee 10 years ago

26.2 in the Austin Marathon last month.

gccs14r 10 years ago

Never been much of a runner. The longest run as an adult was from West Hills Apartments over to the Union for an Organic Chem final. Now I can run about 200 meters, 400 if it's downhill.

coolmom 10 years ago

12 miles in my younger days pretty regularly, now a couple miles 2-3x a week. i spend most of my time rappeling through teens rooms looking for dishes.

dminear60 10 years ago

Run??? I prefer to walk...take my time...smell the roses. Besides, running is hard on my knees.

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

However far a trap-door buffalo can sprint + 10 yards.

sgtwolverine 10 years ago

About ten feet. Then I realized the folly of my efforts, and I went back to walking.

Linda Aikins 10 years ago

10 miles on a treadmill. I couldn't stop!Good one JJE007!

rumor_man 10 years ago

To the fridge and back for beers during timeouts of KU Basketball games. I get winded just thinking about it.

bevy 10 years ago

Nowadays, I don't run unless someone is chasing me. My last year of high school my volleyball coach thought we were all training for a marathon. So we did stair laps! (Up the bleacher steps, across the top bleacher, down the other end, across the gym floor, up the steps on the other side, across the top bleacher, and down. Repeat ad nauseam, usually 15-20 times) Boy was I in great shape!Knees are shot now.

lubyloo 10 years ago

11 miles training for a half-marthon last month. Afterward, my left knee was killing me, and I couldn't run again for 2 weeks, so I missed the half-marathon. Now I'm training for another half-marathon in a few weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

I think what we've learned today is that running is bad for your knees. That's all the encouragement I needed (to not run).

tonythetiger 10 years ago

I ran the 5k in Governor's cup when George Carlin was the Governor of Kansas back in 1980.I was nearly 10 years old. Have a hard time keeping track of how much I run now. Besides running around town for groceries and supplies.

labmonkey 10 years ago

Last year I ran 10 miles when I thought I was training for a half-marathon. Now I pretty much stick to 2-5 miles per day.

jonas 10 years ago

Jeezus. I'm so nervous I could vomit. But, after scrying the omens, I have determined the potential outcome of the game. Come out strong, fade a little first half, hold on with a steady finish in the second half. We'll see how accurate my scrying is.

David Mora Marín 10 years ago

27 miles running a few times, 125 miles on my bicycle also a few times.In my youth, in my youth...

ccp 10 years ago

seriously??? This is the question of the day? I fully expected something like "What are you doing for the game tonight?" Funny.

jonas 10 years ago

My scrying has been poor so far. But in a good way.Go KU!!!

SpeedRacer 10 years ago

I don't see any reason to run unless I'm being chased.

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