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Whose biography would you like to read?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 17, 2007

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Photo of Jason Williams

“I would like to read the biography of Les Stroud, the guy who does the ‘Survivorman’ TV show. I want to know where he learned all the stuff he does in the show.”

Photo of Julie Glazer

“She’s an old-school gardener who grew all of her own food and raised all her own livestock to take care of her family. She also wrote and illustrated children’s books. She’s just a really neat older lady.”

Photo of Scott Laurie

“That’s easy. Teddy Roosevelt. He’s pure bravery. He led a brigade during the Spanish-American War without even being in the military. That’s like a state senator volunteering to go command a unit in Iraq.”

Photo of Whitney Erikson

“Maybe Shakespeare, because there’s so much mystery surrounding him.”

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jonas 8 years ago

"She's an old-school gardener who grew all of her own food and raised all her own livestock to take care of her family. She also wrote and illustrated children's books. She's just a really neat older lady." - Julie Glazer, homemaker, Lawrence

So, errr. . . . who is she?

Crossfire 8 years ago

Lemmy on bass... & Wendy O. Williams.

labmonkey 8 years ago

Scott should check out the two books by Edmund Morris (I am eagerly awaiting the third TR bio from him). I usually read what catches my eye in Borders. My next biography will probably be "Dutch" by Edmund Morris since I liked the two TR books by him.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 8 years ago

Jesus, of Nazareth... but ONLY if it's the AUTObiography (-an eBook would be nice).

Paul Geisler 8 years ago

not so 'coolmom', John Wayne was a racist pig! Why in the world would you want to know more about him?

avaholic 8 years ago

Rivers Cuomo. Seriously Rivers...what happened?

Frederic Gutknecht IV 8 years ago

I like to read my own. I can't remember much of what's happened. Maybe nothing happened? The End.

chewyfally 8 years ago

I would like to read my grandparents'. There is a lot I'd like to know about their past, and I think they were just fascinating people. They died before I could ask them a lot of the questions I wanted to ask.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

Boris Badenov! I'd like to know why he hates moose & squirrel.

kneejerkreaction 8 years ago

my own, titled, "How I Became Rich".

Paul Geisler 8 years ago

blue73harley (and coolmom) Actually, I did some additional reading about John Wayne before I made that post. From my perspective what he said in his 1971 Playboy interview alone makes him a racist, plain and simple (see below). But he is reported to have made many racist comments throughout his life, despite the fact that he was married to three Hispanic women. And you're actually going to tout his Congressional Gold Medal for being an actor and a 'real American"? What a joke!

From John Wayne's entry on Wikipedia: In an interview with Playboy magazine in May 1971, Wayne made infamous remarks. One disclaimed a personal sense of guilt for the historical treatment of Native Americans, the second claimed that African-Americans had been denied educational opportunities and resented that fact, "possibly rightfully so." He went on to say that did not justify turning over the country "to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people."[19]

bluerose 8 years ago

"She's an old-school gardener who grew all of her own food and raised all her own livestock to take care of her family. She also wrote and illustrated children's books. She's just a really neat older lady." - Julie Glazer, homemaker, Lawrence

So, errr: . who is she?

i think she may be speaking of Tasha Tudor. yes, very neat older lady!

lildos 8 years ago

Bill Brasky

"He hated Mexicans! And he was half-Mexican! ...And he hated irony!"

erod0723 8 years ago

I'd like to read a bio on Boog Highberger. He is such an interesting guy who has so many quirks and has led a very fantastical life. Boog for President!

ontheotherhand 8 years ago


Hugs, Dagny Taggart

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

John Shaft. I've always thought he was a complicated man.

avaholic 8 years ago

John Shaft? Why? No one would understand it but his women.

avaholic 8 years ago

Have you seen the excellent Shaft movie?

Grundoon Luna 8 years ago

Shaft is a Dolamite rip-off, man!! And which one is excellent: The Richard Roundtree or the Samuel L. "I'm-tired-of-these-m'f'in'-snakes-on-this-m'f'in'-plane" Jackson version? actually I have seen niether version in its entirety

I dig biographies. I really don'tknow who I'd like to read about next. Hapshetsut (sp) probably.

avaholic 8 years ago

Does the Sam Jackson one even count? The Roundtree Shaft is far better.

Windlass - I don't know what generation your talking about. I hope your not talking about the generation that invented Disco. Or the generation that thought Devo was amazing. I'm not saying my generation of wearing jeans at the knees and listening to Linkin Park is any better. I'm just asking has any generation not been "stuck on stupid"?

Tony Kisner 8 years ago

Talkin 'bout my ggggeneration, why don't you all just fade away.........

Topside 8 years ago

Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but a real no holds barred tell all on Hugh Hefner. There has been a lot out on him but I think people leave out a lot.

ms_canada 8 years ago

Dionisius Exiduous. The little Roman monk who worked on the calendar so long ago. Without him what year would it be exactly. google him.

ms_canada 8 years ago

Oh Oh got his name wrong should be Dionysious

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

A_A, My eldest is a Hapshetsut junkie! I would love to read that bio, too. I dig her! (Pun intended.)

ms_canada 8 years ago

Windlass - sounds like you googled Dennis the Little as his collegues called him. Keeping time was was very important to the Jews because of the date to start Passover. Then it became important to the Christians. And I agree with you about no one dying like that. Even for one who is repentent.

ms_canada 8 years ago

Or maybe you are just a history nut like me, windlass. I made a study of all of this date business when there was all the hoopla about the so called new millennium. My good man and I celebrated that with a bottle of champers a year later than most others

avaholic 8 years ago

Ohhhhhh! That explains it. A flower child. I'm with you on the Beatles and the Who (if that was what you were getting at with all the "my generations"(thanks Easy_Does_It )) But don't say the sixties were a generation that wasn't stuck on stupid. Do the words "Acid Trip" meaning anything. I bet not if you were on "Acid Trips". It's also a decade marked by violence and love. How weird is that? It's also the decade that brought the tye dye shirt. Not cool.

GretchenJP 8 years ago

Stephen King. Yes indeedily do.

jonas 8 years ago

Magnus posts: (John Wayne):"I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility."

You know, despite it's inevitability of prejudice and abuse, this line on its own really makes quite a lot of sense.

GretchenJP: Really, I think reading a large grouping of Stephen King's books ends up being something of his autobiography. Just the last three volumes of the Dark Tower alone tell you a great deal about several times in his personal life.

H_Lecter 8 years ago

Either Marquis de Sade or Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes

Bradley Menze 8 years ago

Steven King is so cool.

There's nobody sweeter than "The Duke"... All I know are his movies...

I'd like to learn more about Winston Churchill. Also, C. S. Lewis is a favorite of mine.

pace 8 years ago

Charles plymell, he is a poet from Wichita. He knew and helped a lot of people in art and letters. I heard him read and was struck by his language and his warm heart.

Aileen Dingus 8 years ago

James Longstreet. I actually have his autobiography, but he was a much better general than he was a writer... ;)

GretchenJP 8 years ago

jonas: You have a good point there. I'd actually rather have dinner with him rather than read his autobiography.

H_Lecter: Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes... oh my yes, good choice. I always figured if I were to ever have a son, that would be him... sort of cool and really frightening at the same time.

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