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What are you reading?

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Photo of Curtis Boswell

Golden Buddha,’ by Clive Cussler. It’s about a company that’s off the government books that does mercenary work for the government, and their mission is to restore the Dalai Lama as the leader of Tibet.”

Photo of Megan O'Malley

“I just finished ‘Memoirs of a Geisha,’ by Arthur Golden. I thought it was a great reflection of Japanese culture and it had a great story line.”

Photo of Tim Dodd

The Dark Side of the Moon: The Making of the Pink Floyd Masterpiece,’ by John Harris. It kind of gives you an overview of their career up until that album and an inside look at the songwriting and recording process.”

Photo of Judy McKee

“I just finished reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ by Harper Lee, with my granddaughter. I had read it many years ago, and she really enjoyed it.”

Photo of Charlie Venhuizen

“I’m reading ‘Flying Fortress,’ by Edward Jablonski. It’s about the B-17s during World War II.”


ms_canada 10 years, 5 months ago

Just finished two books by an author new to me: Pat McIntosh. The books are her first two and involve her protagonist, Gil Cunningham, take place in Glasgow in 1493. Gil is a lawyer and works for the church. He solves murder mysteries. The story lines are good but one thing I would say to the author would be, "Lady, why did you not include a list of words in translation to modern english?" She uses so many old words and I have not a clue what they mean. Like what the heck is a yett? It could be a gate but in the same sentance she uses the word gate. Is it a special kind of gate?

I just began The Song of the Gladiator by Paul Doherty. He is a professor of history at a London College. I have read many books by him and have thoroughly enjoyed them. All are history based and more or less crime based I highly recommend anything by him. He writes under two noms de plume also, P.C. Doherty and Paul Clines.

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