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What social problems do you see occurring at school?

Asked at Lawrence High School on September 11, 2007

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Photo of Bertha Garcia

“I think sometimes it’s hard to get to know people because of language.”

Photo of Robert Curtis

“Neglecting to understand (other people). I think a lot of people’s pride and ego affect that.”

Photo of Ashley Murphy

“People getting jealous of who’s going out with who causes problems.”

Photo of Alisha Hakeem Hart

“Everybody has a different personality and different views on things, so I guess you just have to learn to get along with those people.”

Photo of Meghan McBride

“Probably bullying. People who think they are better than others are mean.”

Photo of Spencer Renfro

“Kids that dress differently than the normal, like T-shirts and jeans, might get made fun of.”

Photo of Brittany Long

“People being mean to people that don’t deserve being mistreated, like leaving people out and not having someone to sit with at lunch.”

Photo of Chris Nieto

“Just plain rudeness.”


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