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Do you think young people are becoming too self-absorbed?

Asked at West Junior High School on September 4, 2007

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Photo of Ruben Ghijsen

“Yes. People think about themselves way too much and aren’t that concerned about others. They just want to do what they want to do without respect for anyone else.”

Photo of Lauren Wethington

“Probably some. It’s sort of all about me right now with the computer and other things. They don’t spend a lot of time focusing on other people.”

Photo of Caleb Kilgore

“Yes, because my sister spends too much time taking pictures of herself to post on her Facebook and MySpace.”

Photo of Candice Meiners

“It’s possible. A lot of people I know don’t pay much attention to anything else, but others do. So it goes both ways.”

Photo of Paul Darnell

“I think there is still a lot of concern for others. I don’t think the majority is too self-absorbed.”

Photo of Aspen McDaniel

“I do think so a little bit, but I think it has a lot to do with our environment.”

Photo of Hannah Stegall

“Well, yes and no. But I think there are probably more who are too self-absorbed than those who aren’t.”

Photo of Brock Morrison

“Yes. I think they are too self-absorbed and a bit more rebellious than they need to be.”


pace 10 years, 8 months ago

I think young people are better than generation x was, It goes in waves. This generation was raised in war time. I think that affects them. The computer seems healthier and more interactive than the tv shows.

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