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What are you doing for Halloween?

Asked at South Junior High School on October 30, 2007

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Photo of Deja Stephenson

“I’m going trick or treating with my friend. I was going to be Betty Boop, but now I think I’m going as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”

Photo of Zayani Norwood

“It’s my birthday. So I’m going to throw a big party, and my grandma is giving me a Chihuahua.”

Photo of Adam Ramaley

“My family is throwing a big Halloween party for all of our friends.”

Photo of Keisean Lupe

“I’m going to be a banana and go trick or treating.”

Photo of Maddy Bailey

“I’m probably going to hand out candy at my mom’s store downtown.”

Photo of Alex Glanzman

“I’m just going to stay home and hand out candy to little kids. I always love seeing all the costumes and little kids dressed up.”

Photo of Karisa Sanders

“I’m going to dress up and party with friends.”

Photo of Andrew Stussie

“I was planning on going out and scaring little kids, but my mom said I couldn’t. So my back-up plan is to stay home and watch scary movies all night.”


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