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What are you reading?

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Photo of Amelia Rickard

Cesar’s Way,’ by Cesar Millan. It starts as a biography about his career, how he worked his way up and his values. Then it goes into how to work with dogs and how they can help us.”

Photo of Carole Rehder

“I just finished ‘Moo,’ by Jane Smiley. It’s a political mystery that takes place at a university in a Midwestern college town.”

Photo of Warren Legler

“I’m just starting an interesting book called ‘Proust Was a Neuroscientist,’ by Jonah Lehrer. In essence it’s saying that many authors and artists have a pretty good insight into how our minds work that is now being backed up by scientific research.”

Photo of Heidi Girgis

The Quickie,’ by James Patterson. It’s kind of a murder mystery. The author is great and his writing style makes the novel very intense and suspenseful.”

Photo of Kevin Beverage

A Treatise of Human Nature,’ by David Hume. I’ve been meaning to read if for some time and have just now gotten around to it.”


ms_canada 10 years, 8 months ago

I just finished reading The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury. The story is similar to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Involves the history of the Knights Templar and all their secret goings on and their squabbles with the Roman Church. This was Khoury's first novel and I am now into his second. Templars come into this one also in a minor way so far. It is called The Sanctuary. Some bad guys are after a very old codice book with some sort of secret. A lady archeologist has been kidnapped and is being questioned with a little help from an injection of capsaicin. Don't know what that is??? --- look it up. I, at first, thought this lady was going to be the same archeologist as in The Last Templar, but not so. These are page turner, can't put it down books.

bearded_gnome 10 years, 8 months ago

capsaicin is what makes hot peppers hot my dear. kinda strange choice for an injectable!

now reading "voyage: 1896 ..." kinda sensationalized fictional story of sailing of a windjammer sailing ship, too much glorified sex/violence. written by sturling hayden, you can tell its written by an actor.

kipling's sci/fi I finished a while ago, a very interesting read indeed. also finished hunt for red october. liked that a lot.

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