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Why is it important to learn a foreign language?

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Photo of Connor Schmidt

“When you have a job later on, it’s important to know different languages to communicate with different clients.”

Photo of Hollie Murphy

“There are lots of jobs that require you to speak another language, and it always looks good on a resume.”

Photo of Travis Freese

“Because it looks good on your college transcript, you get to learn about foreign countries, and if you ever want to go there, you can talk to the natives.”

Photo of Karla Barteldes

“So that you can get into a good college, learn about other cultures and get a good job.”

Photo of Abbie Shawano

“Because you need to be able to communicate when you travel abroad.”

Photo of Trent Edwards

“I think it’s important to know the language whenever you travel to a foreign country.”

Photo of McKenzie Olson

“Because you can communicate with those who don’t speak English, and it helps when you’re trying to find a job.”

Photo of Kris Hilding

“I can help with your future and your career.”


sigerson 6 years, 5 months ago

So you know why the roomful of Mongolians are laughing at you. Actually happened.

May have had something to do with elderberries.


Marion Lynn 6 years, 5 months ago

Well, if you are multi-lingual, you can whisper sweet nothings in their ears in some language that they cannot understand and they think that it sound romantic.

Always make certain that it is language that they do not understand and use really sexy inflection.

Of course, what you have really said is something along the ones of "You car spews foul smelling exhaust!" or "You smell of elderberries!" and they get all......

Well, you know....and you slide right into Home Plate.

As it were.


thatukrainiandude 6 years, 5 months ago

I think that knowing another language is a great tool for anyone who wants to succeed in life. Speaking fluently in 3 other languages myself, I believe that starting to learn a new language in junior high will help you in the future.


Canada sux


antney 6 years, 6 months ago

Learning a language is more than just learning to speak. It is about understanding another culture and different ways of thinking. It broadens our minds and helps us to conceptualize ideas that are outside our own experiences.

And for the idiot above, it might teach humanity.


hitme 6 years, 6 months ago

To communicate with the hired help


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