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Photo of Rens McClure

My Secret History,’ by Paul Theroux. It’s basically about a guy who goes to Africa to explore, immerse himself in the culture and have some personal conquests on the side.”

Photo of Karen Johns

“I just finished ‘Wicked,’ by Gregory Maguire. I liked it a lot. The story is just familiar enough from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to try and make connections, but everything is bent about 90 degrees off base.”

Photo of Kara Hoggatt

Eat, Pray, Love,’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s about this girl’s journey to find herself. She is really depressed and lonely, so she decides to do some traveling and soul searching.”

Photo of Mason McMullen

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell,’ by Tucker Max. It’s about his delinquent ways when he was younger and his maturation into what he is now - if you can call it a maturation.”

Photo of Jennifer Haremza

Hope’s Edge,’ by Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe. It’s about the way our industrial culture is disorganized and what we need to do in order to fix it.”


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