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What are you reading?

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Photo of Calvin Norwood

The 4-Hour Workweek,’ by Timothy Ferriss. It’s about living a life of prosperity in your own terms like ‘the new rich.’”

Photo of Jane Webster

“I just got through reading ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ by Lauren Weisberger. I’ve seen the movie about 10 times, so I wanted to see if the book was just as good.”

Photo of Cliff Albert

Super Crunchers,’ by Ian Ayres. It’s about data mining, which is essentially looking at a pool of numbers and historical data in order to project future trends.”

Photo of Jodi Moore

“I’m reading the ‘Warriors’ series, by Erin Hunter. It’s mainly about the lives of a group of cats living in a forest.”

Photo of Katie Cowan

The Pact,’ by Jodi Picoult. It’s a love story about two teenagers who grew up together and fall in love. She gets pregnant and can’t tell anyone, so she becomes very depressed and wants them both to kill themselves.”


ms_canada 10 years, 8 months ago

Reading a real page turner, breath holder of a mystery. Takes place in France in 1148. there are lots of real characters in this story of church polictics and intrigue. The story of Heloise and Abelard come into the intrigue. At this point Abelard is dead but Heloise lives on as the Abbess of the Convent of The Paraclete. the story revolves around the Council of Clerics called by Pope Euserius in the city of Reims. A couple of murders are committed and Astrolabe, the son of Heloise and Abelard is accused. His friends work to prove his innocence. How could any one name their baby Astrolabe. If you don't know what an astrolabe is, google it. Yes, Astrolabe was indeed a real person as were his parents. Their story is extremely interesting, The love affair of the 12th century.

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