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Do you think you would make a good Big Brother or Big Sister?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on October 2, 2007

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Photo of Rebecca Albers

“Yes. I have six brothers and sisters and I’m an education major, so I love kids.”

Photo of Derek Doerfler

“Sure. I’m a dependable person, and I’ve had experience working with kids through coaching sports and taking care of my little sister.”

Photo of Stephanie Decker

“No, because I’m busy all the time and I swear a lot.”

Photo of Brian Ashworth II

“If I had the time, I think so. I have a little brother and sister, and nieces and nephews that I take care of sometimes. So I think I could do it.”


H_Lecter 10 years, 8 months ago

I already am. It's a great organization.

Ceallach 10 years, 8 months ago

I'm the oldest of eight children and I was/am a wonderful Big Sister, whether they appreciate my loving guidance or not :):)

Ceallach 10 years, 8 months ago

Don't hold back now, Py, let us know how you really feel :):)

jonas 10 years, 8 months ago

I'd like to think I'd probably be pretty good. I'd have less of a casualty rate than O-Bob, or Lecter, at any rate.

sunflower_sue 10 years, 8 months ago

Nope. I have no experience w/ younger siblings. And I also swear a lot.

trinity 10 years, 8 months ago

hah, glad to read i'm not the only grump here today. /:-x

Ceallach 10 years, 8 months ago

"All the forced babysitting of younger sibs: dragging them along when I was with my friends: grrr"

Py, mine was the era of drive-in theatres. My father had no problem with me going on a date to the drive-in . . . as long as I was accompanied by one older or 2 younger sibs. Needless to say, they made a lot of trips to the concession stand ;)

waydownsouth 10 years, 8 months ago

WOW you guys are on a roll today I'm laughing so hard my side is hurting. What a way to start a day.

sgtwolverine 10 years, 8 months ago

I would make a fantastic Big Brother. Spying on people all day, wiretapping, intercepting cell phone calls and emails, bugging houses, following people ... I'd be great at it.

Oh, wait. That's not what they meant, is it.

May Soo 10 years, 8 months ago

No, I am 16 years older than my little brother and he hates me because I was more of a mom than sister to him.

juscin3 10 years, 8 months ago

Well, middle, I have ya beat. :)~ (not that it's a contest or anything of the sort) My sister and I are 18 yrs apart. (dad got remarried) I enjoyed being a big sister to her. We done the shopping thing and all that good stuff. We both have kids that are 11 yrs apart.

I would be scared to even think about having H_L for a big brother for my kids...makes mental note: make sure he isn't my kidlets big brother :)~

GretchenJP 10 years, 8 months ago

No, I don't think I would. Children make me nervous. I'd be thinking too hard and analyzing everything I did. They wouldn't have much fun with me.

420 10 years, 8 months ago

Sounds like fun.....I'll try anything once!

True_To_KU 10 years, 8 months ago

I have never had a younger brother or sister, but I'm going to safely guess that I would be BAD! I require too much attention myself, and I don't think I could stand that kind of stress. Suprisingly I ended up being a pretty good mom Ha!

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