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What is your favorite type of art to look at?

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Photo of Emily Davidson

“Probably sculptures and statues. They seem to be the most difficult to create, and I think that makes them more interesting.”

Photo of Ellen Kyriakos

“I love photography. Black-and-white nature photos are my favorite. Everything always looks so serene and beautiful.”

Photo of Alex Brown

“Paintings, because that is what I like to do the most, so I find them to be the most interesting.”

Photo of Christina Haswood

“Sculptures and other kinds of 3-D art, because you can look at it from every angle. It makes it more real.”

Photo of Drue Lewis

“I like abstract art that is all over the place with paint splatters and everything.”

Photo of Nicole Bostick

“I like blown glass. It’s always really pretty, and I love the colors.”

Photo of Zach Ramaley

“I love sculptures. I like the busts, because the face is always the most detailed.”

Photo of Morgan Green

“I like paintings, especially oil paintings.”


sunflower_sue 10 years, 7 months ago much art, so little time. Just when I think I don't like a certain "type" of art, I see something that surprises me.

ms_canada 10 years, 7 months ago

My goodness but this question overwhelms. There are so very many kinds of art. To look at just one type, that of paintings. I was awestruck when I was privileged to visit Canada's National Art Gallery in our capital of Ottawa. This art belongs to the people of Canada and I was so struck by this fact. There were old masters and works of newer artists. There were Da Vinci's, Rembrandt's, Bosch and more. I never thought that I would ever see paintings by these masters and there they all were. My daughter and I spent a whole long day there. I love the old masters but there is one modern painting that I very much admire and that is a portait by a daring artist of a young girl with green hair. It is delightful and low and behold the artist actually lives and breathes in Lawrence, KS

GretchenJP 10 years, 7 months ago

I'm with you guys, it's hard to choose a "type" of art. I'll look at something and really be drawn to it and then I'll look at a completely different piece of artwork and find that appealing too. I like to look at something that just brings me into it... I'll feel something about it.

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