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Do you find your schedule to be overwhelming?

Asked at Lawrence High School on November 27, 2007

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Photo of Miranda Danielson

“Yes, I’m pretty busy. I have work, homework and Native American Club.”

Photo of Kehinde Hameed

“No. I have plenty of time to myself. I use my planner to schedule things so that I have enough free time.”

Photo of Elise Denning

“Not really. I’m not a sporty type of person, so I have enough time to get everything done.”

Photo of Olie Bowden

“Yes, definitely. I have work and diving. There aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Photo of Skyler Countess

“No. I try to keep organized and keep my priorities in line.”

Photo of Jarelle Taylor

“Yes. I have to work a lot, so it’s hard to find time for homework and social activities.”

Photo of Rachel Keller

“Definitely. School is a lot more work than I though it would be my senior year. It’s hard to find time for friends and everything else. I end up staying up late to work on school stuff.”

Photo of Mundia Chinonge

“Yes, totally. I have school, work, and I have to listen to a lot of music to prepare for my dream career.”


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