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Why do you think it’s important to be involved in politics?

Asked at Wednesdays at Liberty Hall Civic Engagement Day on November 13, 2007

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Photo of Amelia Weil

“Because it’s important for voters to know what’s going on so they can make an educated decision when they go to the polls.”

Photo of Nate Davis

“So that we’re in a position to negotiate the laws we live by and influence our policies abroad.”

Photo of Anthony Hurtado

“I think it’s important so that you can choose how you want to live in your community.”

Photo of Daphnie Goff

“You have to stay informed so that you know if the people running for office are the people you want making decisions for you.”

Photo of Justin Bethea

“So that you can make sure everything is fair and that no one is getting left out.”

Photo of Raven Jacques

“Because the world needs to change.”

Photo of Nick Trybom

“Because people all have their own opinions. If you don’t vote for people who share your point of view, then you’re not going to like the way everything is being run.”


Oracle_of_Rhode 10 years, 5 months ago

So you can profit personally at the public's expense!

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