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Do you consider yourself to be an environmentalist?

Asked at West Junior High School on November 6, 2007

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Photo of Lynn Robinson

“Yeah, I try to pay attention to everything that is going on in the news about the environment. I think we could be doing a lot better.”

Photo of Stefan Kuczera

“Yes. In Boy Scouts we learn a lot about conservation and keeping everything clean. When we went backpacking in New Mexico this summer, we had to carry all of our trash out with us.”

Photo of Steven Allen

“Sort of. Sometimes I help with the recycling at my mom’s work, and we recycle at home.”

Photo of C.J. Jones

“I can be at times. If I see some trash lying around, I’ll pick it up. We recycle some things at our house and try to buy products that are better for the environment when we have a choice.”

Photo of Tyler Hunsaker

“Yes. Anyone who is trying to make their environment better could be considered an environmentalist, and I try to do what I can.”

Photo of Kelsey Johnson

“Sort of. I try to recycle and help out the environment. But I’m only 13, so I can’t do as much as I would like to.”

Photo of Ian Robinson

“Yes. I recycle pretty much everything that I can.”

Photo of Victoria Gilman

“Yeah. I could definitely do more, though. My family recycles, and I always try to be conscious of the environment.”


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