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How do you feel about going to the dentist?

Asked at South Junior High School on May 15, 2007

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Photo of Chase Buck

“I have braces, so I’ve gotten used to going a lot. It’s not so bad.”

Photo of Tiffany Alva

“I don’t like the dentist. She’s my worst enemy. I like her, I just don’t like the tools she uses.”

Photo of Catherine Mize

“I’m fine with it. There’s nothing really to be afraid of and it helps your appearance and keeps your teeth healthy.”

Photo of Dauda Sheriff

“I like going to the dentist. Sometimes when I get a tooth pulled it might be scary, but I like it.”

Photo of Megan Tunget

“It’s OK, because I get my teeth checked out and it’s not really that scary. And sometimes I get to get out of school.”

Photo of Tsehay Oliver

“I don’t mind it until they start using the tools. Then it’s pretty uncomfortable. It’s better now that I don’t have braces.”

Photo of Eric Peterson

“I’m usually nervous because I’ve had cavities the last couple of times. But at least I get some free stuff when I’m done.”

Photo of Sarah Showalter

“I like going to the dentist. It’s fun and it feels really good after I get my teeth cleaned.”


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