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What do you do for your mom for Mother’s Day?

Asked at West Junior High School on May 8, 2007

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Photo of Aaron Groene

“I usually get her a gift and hang out with her the whole day.”

Photo of Katelyn Wyatt

“Usually I make her breakfast, and me, my dad and my sister plan a big gift and take her out.”

Photo of Fiona Muniu

“Make her breakfast, take her out and spend time with her.”

Photo of Bailey Knowlton

“I get her a present, and I give her a hug and some flowers.”

Photo of Taylor Givens

“I get her a card and usually a gift card to Borders.”

Photo of Emma Bader

“I make her breakfast and we do mother/daughter things all day.”

Photo of Trever Fanshier

“I usually clean the house and make dinner. I also by her flowers.”

Photo of Jason Russell

“I go to the store and buy her flowers and a box of chocolates. And I make her breakfast in bed.”


trinity 11 years ago

i want to read hawklet's response to this question! :)

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

Anything she wants...but she usually wants nothing, but I do something anyway. Some yard cleaning, all the cooking...just whatever she normally did everyday w/out much thanks. Tomorrow I'll do about 6 hours of driving for her. Wonder if I can count that as an "early" gift?

KsTwister 11 years ago

Give her money (property taxes gives her insomnia).

hawklet21 11 years ago

I don't fight with my sisters, and I get as far away from her as possible after I give a gift. Part of my gift is the peace and quiet :)

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