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Are you planning on spending any time at the lake this summer?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 7, 2007

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Photo of Atul Koshley

“Probably. I like to play soccer on the fields out west off Clinton Parkway, so I usually go to the lake while I’m out there.”

Photo of Steph Schneider

“I was just at the Lake of the Ozarks and I live on a lake in Minnesota. The lakes here are a lot smaller, but I still like to go.”

Photo of Jehan Reagan

“No. I’d rather go to a real beach in Florida or somewhere. The beaches here are all manmade.”

Photo of Justin Hook

“Oh yeah, to party hard Laguna Beach style.”


paladin 11 years ago

Not unless someone tells me to go jump in one. Then it will be just a short time, hopefully.

JSDAD 11 years ago

Why wait? I have one in the back yard today

jonas 11 years ago

No, I can't say that I probably will.

Ceallach 11 years ago

Probably not, I prefer water that is less opaque. With a little luck I'll be on the gulf shore in July, bay fishing. I should have said, on a bay fishing boat, enjoying the cruise, watching others fish :)

RI, you are so right about the Lawrence water supply. Yuck!!!

Ceallach 11 years ago

The "Boyda says" thread is still going strong today . . talk about some "hang in there bulldogs."

Grundoon Luna 11 years ago

You bet. Like others have posted, I would prefer an ocean or genuine lake rather than the reservoirs that we have, but I gots to have my enjoyment of water and natural surroundings and that's what is availabe. I got spoiled in Chicago having Lake Michigan a couple of blocks away for my daily Summertime recreation. That sucker is like an ocean.

Staci Dark Simpson 11 years ago

After living by the gulf the lakes here are disgusting to me. I will swim in them if I am camping and get hot. At least at the gulf you could look in the water and make sure you weren't stepping on anything gross.

ms_canada 11 years ago

Well, yeh, I think my poor little cottage would get pretty lonesome without me coming out once in a while. The beach is not really much to speak of, but the view from the shore is kinda nice, eh Ceallach? Ceallach and I spent one night there last August when we had a real heat wave on here, but we forgot our swim suits so could not cool off. Lucky thing for her that the bats did not put in an appearance in the house. But you know, they only come in to keep me company. How kind of them!!

trinity 11 years ago

beaches are great, but seeing as how there aren't any close-yeah i sure will be enjoying camping and etc at local lakes! personal favorite is melvern, well worth the drive; the one swimming beach is an entity to itself, isn't connected to the larger lake so therefore isn't crudded up TOO badly with boat oil leakage, etc...and they keep the sand nice&clean&raked.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

No, I really don't enjoy beaches that much. I don't really enjoy going in the water, so that removes most of the appeal of a beach. If I had a choice, I'd choose a swimming pool.

Py, you're coming to Michigan in July? I'll try to order up some excellent weather for you. Of course, depending on when you're here, I may actually be sweatin' with the oldies in Florida. I'm making a trip to Florida (Miami area) this summer to visit a friend; I just haven't decided exactly when I'm going.

ms_canada 11 years ago

Pywacket - oh yes, my dear, we supply our wee bats with plenty of mosquitos. And fish flies and black flies. But I am one of the lucky ones, they don't bother me. I can't imagine what I taste like to them or smell like. ugh!! Well, modesty aside, one very hot day out there, about 9 pm, I did get brave, walked down to the beach in shorts, sandals,t-shirt and sunglasses, took off the glasses, put them in the sandals and walked out into the lake and had a good swim. I really didn't care what anyone thought. It was that hot.

Ceallach 11 years ago

ms_canada, your lake is nothing like the giant mud puddle called Clinton Lake. We did have a very pleasant visit to the beach and your wee cottage (read 2 bedroom, ranch style house :) Kansas residents have become so inured by our blistering summers that an August heat wave in Edmonton is like a spring day in Lawrence.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

I hope to manage a week at the Ozarks. Hopefully we will fit it into the schedule. Never been in a lake around here. I think Ozarks is as small as I would care to go...I don't even want to contemplate touching bottom...of the lake, that is. Nasty! I guess I have skied on Lake Perry. That wasn't too bad. Got the Outer Banks (NC) lined up for August. I can't compare an ocean to a lake...apples to oranges! Totally different experiences. You go to the beach with family. You go to the lake w/ your beer drinking buddies. The ocean never involves floating coolers.

Was at Johnny's today for my lunch break and all of the rescue personnel showed up to pull someone out of the river...hopefully alive and well!

My niece (who lives next to the MO river) evacuated today. I hope all the people get out safely and that the levees hold! I'm glad that, in her youth, she didn't wait 'til the last minute! Smart lass!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

RI, I try to only go w/ the "beer drinking buddies" type of family! I'd rather have a root canal than go to the lake w/ the "other" type of family! :P

Grundoon Luna 11 years ago

I got busy there, so I don't know if you are still reading, Py, but here goes.

Chicago has a lot of cool beaches and most with life guards. The was was a sandy one on the North side (Sheridan?), as well as Oak Street, 55th and Rainbow beaches. Jackson Park and 48th Street have rocky beaches - a place to dive at 48th and people would SCUBA - they still staffed life guards at those too. The Point was a little south of there where people hung out, but swim at your own risk. I did go down to the Indiana Dunes several times and that was pretty cool, except that you can walk out in to the water forever and still not have water above your waist. The water seemed to always be warm there, were it can run the gamut at the Chicago beaches. Probably easier for the sun to heat water that's a couple of feet deep.

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