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What efforts do you make to recycle?

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Photo of Lena Hosking

“My mom’s a big recycler. We don’t throw away anything that you can recycle at all. She even recycles clothes.”

Photo of Kelsey Taylor

“We pretty much recycle everything; all of our cardboard, plastics, soda cans, and we compost our organic trash.”

Photo of Alfonso Reeves

“Our family cares a lot about recycling and helping the environment. We always recycle our newspapers, cans and plastics at the recycling center.”

Photo of Evan Taylor

“We recycle cans, plastic, cardboard and pretty much whatever else they take at Wal-Mart.”

Photo of Spencer White

“If I’m in the mood and there’s stuff to work with, I try to make something out of the stuff we throw away. But I don’t really do any traditional recycling.”

Photo of Ryan Lee

“I just take stuff to Wal-Mart. Mostly plastic and glass.”

Photo of Hunter Peirce

“We have like five recycling bins for stuff like cans, plastic and glass bottles.”

Photo of Grace Brahler

“My family tries to recycle anything we can.”


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