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What is your favorite type of mustard?

Asked at Checkers, 2300 La. on March 7, 2007

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Photo of Kris Patkar

“Grey Poupon Dijon. It has a better taste. Yellow mustard is OK sometimes, but I particularly like Dijon. It’s better for poultry and marinades.”

Photo of Julie Hudson

“I think it’s either Dijon or spicy brown mustard.”

Photo of Gary Crane

“I like the flavor of honey Dijon mustard.”

Photo of Susie Epp

“I actually don’t eat mustard at all. I just never have liked the taste of it. I don’t eat it on anything.”

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jonas 10 years ago

The invisible, tasteless type.

I have heard, though, that mustard has quite a kick in its gaseous form.

classclown 10 years ago

I just like regular yellow mustard.

Kuku_Kansas 10 years ago

A good Chicago-style hot dog should have Plochman's ugly yellow mustard.

It goes great with the Chicago-style bright, neon green relish too!

trinity 10 years ago

this is the ots question today, eh? wowzer.

i like spicey mustard. ok, who wants to argue?? ;)

ohjayhawk 10 years ago

"The Authentic Stadium Mustard", hands down. It is the mustard that has been sold in Cleveland stadiums for many, many years.

brookcreeker 10 years ago

This might have been interesting if the question had been asked at Free State Brewery, where it's Mustard March. Go get yourself some good mustard.

Since it was asked at Checkers, I would imagine the LJW is running out of things to ask.

number3of5 10 years ago

Homemade mustard made from stale beer and dry mustard is my all time favorite.

conservativepunker 10 years ago

Kraft Yellow Mustard. Hard to find in grocery stores around here.

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 10 years ago

Stadium Mustard from Cleveland is the greatest mustard on the face of the earth. I wish I could buy it locally. Thank goodness for the internet.

Crossfire 10 years ago

...Magic Yellow on a Toga.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years ago

"Chipolte Horseradish."

Forgive me for being so anal, but that ain't mustard.

There's an Italian deli in Riverside, MO that is run by these OLD women. The SLOWEST service ANYWHERE, and they get your order wrong about half the time... but they make their own mustard. Pretty good.

acg 10 years ago

Basic French's yellow mustard. Mmm, that makes me want a brat really bad, even though it's only 8:30 in the morning. I like a little dijon on certain things and in a potato salad recipe I have. This is a weird ?, btw. Mustard, really?

tim_hardaway 10 years ago

i love mustard on my steaks just makes them go down real well....yummmy!!!!

Sigmund 10 years ago

I like the free-range, fair-trade mustard that are hormone and antibiotic free. If you have ever tasted it you can immediately tell the difference! Mustard is not meant to be raised on big corporate farms before they are slaughtered exploited by low paid corporate slaves. Nope. In fact I ate nothing but all organic, non-genetically modified mustard for thirty days and lost 35 pounds!

True story.

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

I don't have any Grey Poupon, sorry.

sourpuss 10 years ago

I guess I've never thought about it. I don't think I'll start now.

Ceallach 10 years ago

Honey or honey dijon mustard, helps keep me so darned sweet!

trinity 10 years ago

what exactly is the dijon thing, anyway??? i've always been curious. really!

ms_canada 10 years ago

Don't really eat much mustard but when I have ham I like the dijon kind, Grey Poupon or I also like the German grainy kind of mustard. Where the hang did this question come from? Oh and there is a horseradish kind of mustard, to be sure.

H_Lecter 10 years ago

Coleman's English Mustard by itself on french bread

mick 10 years ago

I make my own "secret sauce." Want the recipe?

acg 10 years ago

HL, is that made from real Englishmen?

ms_canada 10 years ago

TOB - thanks - now I am really going to make the effort to eat more mustard this month. And I will try some new varieties also. And you know, I really will be doing the farmers in Alberta a huge favour as huge fields of mustard are readily seen on the drive south through central Alberta. They are a very pretty sight. A cash crop in my province.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years ago

I hear that Obama and Clinton are holding a rally to honor the sacrifices that were made in the struggle for mustard rights...

Emily Hadley 10 years ago

This question becomes much more complicated during Free State Brewery's March mustard madness!!

oldgoof 10 years ago

Just normal yellow table Mustard I buy in France is so much stronger than US. It is fantastic. Makes me wonder how our US palates ever became satisfied with bland "French's." . Trinity: Lots of mustard grown around Dijon area of France. In US we use "Dijon" as an adjective for spicy mustard styles. Not sure it has the same connotation in France.

Linda Aikins 10 years ago


jonas 10 years ago

Oh, and let me be the first to say. . .

Oh my god, they killed Captain America!!! You Ba@#$#ds!

lubyloo 10 years ago

French's yellow or Grey Poupon, depending on my mood.

Proposed new topic: Catsup or ketchup?

sourpuss 10 years ago

jonas, you make me laugh.

tee hee

beatrice 10 years ago

RI, first off -- the question on the day after the Vice President's right-hand man is convicted is about condiments. What can I say if my answer tended more toward the blood red type, whatever its base ingredient.

As far as musical junkies, Bird died in 1955 and Joplin in 1970, not '72. There have been a string of strung-out musicians and bands since, but few top those early examples for a great waste of talent. And that Cowboy Junkies stuff you posted sounded like something you would hear as the backdrop to an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Yawn city. Try a little Social Distortion to wake yourself up.

Crossfire 10 years ago

Cl-CH2-CH2-S-CH2-CH2-Cl ...yum....

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

jonas, Cap has been dead before, IIRC. It's only a temporary setback.

Bone777 10 years ago

OldEnuf2BYurDad -

"Chipolte horseradish"

"Forgive me for being so anal, but that ain't mustard."

If I eat it with ketchup and relish, it's mustard!!!

Mustard is in the eye of the beholder...

beatrice 10 years ago

Mustard in the eye of the beholder burns like hell.

Jaminrawk 10 years ago

Yellow all the way, preferrably on a hotdog at a baseball game.

RonBurgandy 10 years ago

The honey mustard that molly mcgee's has, wherever it comes from.

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

Bea, that made me snort (not mustard)!

Hot dog...any yellow mustard will do Egg Chinese-type mustard Deli sandwich...any type of dijon/horseradish/spicy mustard wraps...honey mustard

I'm not brand loyal when it comes to mustard, and I never met a mustard I didn't like.

Bone777 10 years ago

Bea - that was funny. I didn't snort, but I did chortle.

Flap Doodle 10 years ago

bea gets today's golden fruitcake, with appropriate condiments, of course.

acg 10 years ago

Isn't that the Golden Girls?

Bea, you crack me up!

samsnewplace 10 years ago

Just goes to show you that a stupid question gets stupid answers, duh!~

acg 10 years ago

Isn't wasabi a type of mustard? That dude on Jackass 1 snorted that stuff. I think it hurt him, at least that was the impression I got from the extreme vomiting that took place after he did it.

staff04 10 years ago

Oakville Grocery's Apricot Ginger Mustard on no-salt mini pretzels.

10 years ago

Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard - I use to work in product development for the company that makes it. Nothing like it right off the line, mustard looses its kick over time. Putting it in the fridge helps but then you get that separation thing going on. (syneresis)

sunflower_sue 10 years ago

wasabi is made from a root (like horseradish) mustard...seeds

That will be all for today's culinary arts 101 class. Tomorrow we will be discussing the difference between capons and capers. Your essays on "Why bother boiling beer brats in beer" is due on Friday.

Harry_Manback 10 years ago

I like spicy the best on sandwiches, regular on hamburgers and honey mustard on chicken fingers! Yum!

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