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Dads, granddads share their idea of a perfect Father’s Day

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Photo of John Bennett

“My idea of a perfect Father’s Day is just spending it with my three boys, doing just whatever it is they want to do. Right now, raising them, that’s what’s most important to me - making sure we get a chance to spend some quality time together. We go fishing. I’ll take them to the movies, whatever special activities that they want to do. I just let them choose, and we do that.”

Photo of Mike Russell

“My perfect Father’s Day would be getting up to a nice, big home-cooked breakfast, go to church with the family, come home and take the kids fishing. It’s usually worth a lot of laughs. It’s a good time, just having fun watching them have excitement and enjoying it while they do.”

Photo of Scott Huffman

“A perfect Father’s Day usually starts off with them letting me play a little bit of golf, and then we usually go to lunch as a family - do a picnic or something like that - go fishing, just hanging out with the family.”

Photo of Ron Baughman

“A perfect Father’s Day is having your kids and grandkids around. Nothing beats it.”

Photo of Gary Florez

“Just being with the family is good enough.”

Photo of Alyn Thomsen

“(The) perfect Father’s Day would be just doing something that my kids enjoy and making sure they have a good time and have fun. The reason why is because, as a father, the best thing you can do is make sure they’re happy and content.”

Photo of Phillip Moreano

“I think a perfect Father’s Day would involve going somewhere with the family. … My two kids play baseball, one plays softball, so it would involve going to one of their activities.”


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