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How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

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Photo of Ian White

“We usually make a big breakfast and give my dad presents in the morning.”

Photo of Kyle Gardner

“We cook breakfast in the morning and then let my dad choose where he wants to go out to eat.”

Photo of Erica Crandon

“Father’s Day is a special time for me to be with my father and appreciate everything he does for me.”

Photo of Kansas Fiori-Brown

“Usually I get my dad presents and hang out with him. I basically spend the whole day with him and try to be really nice to him.”

Photo of Akina Kashiwaya

“I cook breakfast or dinner for my dad and make him a card.”

Photo of Nick Birney

“We just barbecue and hang out.”

Photo of Valerie Rotes

“I don’t really have a father, so I just give my mom gifts.”

Photo of Maria Kokovina

“In Russia Father’s Day is the 23rd of February. We celebrate all the men who help protect our country. It’s not as much for fathers as it is for all of the men. We have a family dinner and give them all presents.”


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