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How are you going to spend your summer break?

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Photo of Mackenzie Lown

“I’m playing tennis, and I’m on the dance team at Free State. Other than that I’m just hanging out with friends and going to the pool.”

Photo of Heather Ertmer

“Going to the pool and playing tennis. I’m going to Texas tomorrow to visit my family.”

Photo of Morgan Mills

“I’m going to the pool a lot and hanging out with friends. And I’m going to Florida on vacation at the end of June.”

Photo of Felicia Carey

“Probably going downtown a lot. I’m also going to Wakarusa Fest, some soccer camps and band camp.”

Photo of Aaron Rosenstengle

“Skateboarding, going to the pool and watching my little brother and hanging out with him.”

Photo of Caleb Kilgore

“Swimming, hanging out with friends, riding bikes, fishing and talking on the phone.”

Photo of Will Gandy

“Pretty much just fishing and a little bit of swimming.”

Photo of Anrai Richards

“I’m going to D.C. for a History Day competition, Santa Fe to ride some horses and playing croquet at home.”


lmpaul 11 years ago

Mowing grass, painting the house, mowing more grass, mulching everything so we don't have to hoe. Getting some sewing finished, hope to go fishing with my kids, and mowing grass. Did I mention mowing grass?

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