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Are there restrictions on your Internet use?

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Photo of Connor Remboldt

“They don’t want us on there too long; only about an hour a day.”

Photo of Jamie Braden

“They don’t have any that I know of. They know I wouldn’t do anything to get into trouble. I just mostly play games.”

Photo of Kyle Kjell

“Usually I have to have permission to be on it. I just use it to play games and use my e-mail.”

Photo of Jake Walter

“Of course I’m not allowed to get on porn sites, and I’m not really allowed to stay on for more than an hour.”

Photo of Rosie O'Brien

“Almost none. I just try to avoid sites that have warnings for kids.”

Photo of Sarah Chavez

“They just tell me not to go to Web sites for adults. They let me use MySpace to talk with my friends who are on it, but I don’t have my own.”

Photo of Kimi Kramer

“My dad doesn’t like me to go on MySpace, but that’s about it.”

Photo of Isabella Rantner

“I have time restrictions, but none on where I go.”


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