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Do you spend more time with family in the summer?

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Photo of Pamina Buechner

“No. My parents still have to work, so I don’t see them anymore than I usually would.”

Photo of Braidyn Morin

“No, because I’m usually out with my friends. During the school year I have to be at home to do homework and stuff, so I see them a lot more during the school year.”

Photo of Cody Masarik

“No. During school I don’t get a lot of time to spend with my friends because of classes and everything, so that’s when I spend the most time with my family.”

Photo of Alex Benton

“Yeah. We cook out a lot and go out to dinner together more often.”

Photo of Maureen Brady

“Yeah, to a certain extent. My parents work during the day, but we take vacations together. My dad’s a lobbyist, so he has more time off during the summer.”

Photo of Julien Stockwell

“Not really. It’s pretty even throughout the year. They wish I’d spend more time with them, but every once in a while I need a break.”

Photo of Kerian Thompson

“No, I usually spend more time with my friends. I kind of get sick of hanging out with my siblings after about a week of summer.”

Photo of Allisa Helms

“No. I’m always with my friends. My dad works days and my mom works nights, so I don’t see much of either of them. I do see them more on the weekends than during the school year.”


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