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Why is it important to celebrate Independence Day?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 4, 2007

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Photo of Hallie Rombach

“Our independence is what makes the U.S. what it is. We have freedoms that a lot of other people around the world don’t have, and it’s important to take time out to celebrate them.”

Photo of Andy Norris

“Because we have to have a day that we spend a large portion of our discretionary income on fireworks and American flags that were made in a communist country.”

Photo of C.J. Fowler

“It’s just patriotic. We’re celebrating more than just shooting off fireworks. We’re celebrating the people who founded this nation and the people who have died for it.”

Photo of Lauren Anderson

“I guess because we claim that we’re such a great country that we should at least set aside a day to celebrate what freedoms we have left.”


sunflower_sue 10 years, 9 months ago

Because it's the only morning of the year that you can eat lots of homemade buttermilk pancakes with butter, maple syrup, strawberries, and whip cream completely guilt free! Now I must skip lunch in order to save room for the neighbors' fatted calf. (I'll bring the sweet corn.)

Ms_C, tell your good man that the sweet corn is ready. Come on down!!!

Have a safe 4th ya'll!

Kat Christian 10 years, 9 months ago

I don't think this country celebrates enough patriotism. Thank God we still have the 4th of July to do so. I think it's important to celebrate this day because: it is one day (other than new year's) where the whole country is celebrating together. It also is a time where family can get together for some much needed quality time (not enough of it in this days). We also need to remember how and who built this country. We may not all agree on the way it was done or the way things have turned out. We are alive, we can walk the streets without bombs going off on every corner our seeing soldiers with guns running amuck, look at the freedom we have just making these comments on line. I may not like our President, I'm disappointed with our government's greed and frivolilty. Our criminal system is way overdue for a major overhaul, our education system leaves a lot to desire and there is so much unequal pay in this country. But still it is and has been a great country in many other ways and those ways we must show our appreciation. Stop looking at the negative and ruminate on the positive folks - at least today. Happy Independence Day and be safe - use common sense.

jonas 10 years, 9 months ago

Because it's err. . . important to recognize. . .uhhh. . . the sacrifidces made.. . . tuhhhhhh.. . . ..

crap, too much cheap chinese beer

Enjoy the fourth folks! Wish I was there. I did play the star spangled banner on the cheap guitar I bought here, but without my electric, it's just not Hendrix, ya know.

ms_canada 10 years, 9 months ago

Sue - if anything would bring my good man on a road trip to Kansas it would be yummy sweet corn. I will be sure to tell him it is ready.

Crossfire 10 years, 9 months ago

...because there is beer and it must be drunk.

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