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What do you think about the Kansas-Missouri football game being played at Arrowhead Stadium?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 22, 2007

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“It’s a good idea. I think it makes it more fair.”

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“I guess it’s all right because it’s a neutral location and the crowd will be really loud on both sides.”

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“I think it takes away from the tradition and ambiance of the whole event.”

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“I don’t think they’ll be able to sell it out. I don’t think it’s a good idea. It was fine the way it was.”


Richard Heckler 11 years, 2 months ago

It stinks. Downtown needs the business as always. KU spent gobs of money on their stadium why not use it. This is a college sports town bring the TV to Lawrence.

Need to attract good football players? Win more games. Don't sell out Lawrece for the sake of buying football players.

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

Yeah I'll be moving to Lawrence, KS. soon. I've lived up in hte paicifc N.W./Lewisyton, ID. all my life tho'... and the only thing about the K.C. area that I have in commn with the K.C. area... is like 1978 "friend"Debbbie Mohney"...

...........................HURT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh, goodnitght!!!!

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

Whatever you do just go after the melon trucks, for one thing...

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

Yeah I am so glad this time will be re-sent... I had to re-do this----- Sean is moving to lawrence, KS, etc. And???!!!???

jonas 11 years, 2 months ago

You know, Sean, that was an interesting way to while away a morning for you, I'm sure, but I think we pretty much have to assume that you're probably this guy.

classclown 11 years, 2 months ago

I think some dumb kid will need to find a street near Arrowhead that he can insist needs a name change.

Kuku_Kansas 11 years, 2 months ago

This may not be such a bad idea. The game is guaranteed to be scheduled during the Thanksgiving weekend break through like 2013 (forgot the actual plan). Students are locked out of the dorms and return to their homes, many of which live in Johnson County and dare I say, the Missouri side.

Now those students and alumni will be able to make a very easy trek to the game EACH YEAR.

Have you ever been to an away game at Mizzou in fball or bball??? After making my 3rd trip a few years ago, that's it. I'll never go back. Those fans are awful, absolutely awful.

Jayhawk fans will have to pack the stadium, geographically located much closer to Lawrence, and provide as much a home-field advantage as possible. They have to snag their tickets first though.

As for business owners, they still have 7 home games and have to do what all business owners must do--think creatively and think outside the box. If they are honestly using 1 football game every other year to generate their profit margins, they should probably rethink their business plans anyhow.

Rock Chalk!

P.S. Beer. Football. KU-MU. I'm saving my bail bond money now.

Lilfish338 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with Chris Cecil, it takes away from the tradition that has grown between KU & Mizzou. Yes, Arrowhead will be a great place to play, but it doesn't have that feel of homeness that players and fans are used too..

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

Folks keep talking about stuff in previous blogs-ok, free speech and stuff... Sleepies? No one on here- sleepies?

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

yeah this woman down there that has cat that looks like my Pendleton (Nigh) (tuxedo cat) but in Auburn, WA @ 1500 miles it's not at all "near"- and, knowing midwest people I won't get a "nearby" response. She has her picturs n the internet & I wan to write to her. I like how alot of your comments & many of you seem to know one another, and have a great sense of humour, and like one blogger says things like "You got it Bea!" :) That's so cute! :)

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

yeah this woman's cat looks just like Pendelton,l I think I said too much on last one. Uh, yeah, actually, Sean is "a little tipsy" tonight---- ("I think")- uh goodnight.................... :( :) :( :)


Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?? Ok, bye bye....

Bone777 11 years, 2 months ago

Neutral site for a Kansas home game- in the state of Missouri.

That's neat!!!

Kyle Neuer 11 years, 2 months ago

This is about making the game more convenient for alumni with deep pockets at the expense of the student bodies of both schools.
Hey, old guys. You had your time. Let it be passed on, as it should. Bottom line-bad idea. There are more important things than money(I hear Lew choking somewhere off in the distance.).

rubix 11 years, 2 months ago

I like the idea of having the game at Arrowhead merely for the fact that it seats double what Memorial Stadium does. I agree, to those who believe it takes away from the 'home turf' advantage, but it also allows for a much larger crowd to see a game between these 2 schools. When you don't have a stadium the size of Michigan's or Tennessee's, sometimes there has to be an alternative. Besides, there most likely will be a lot of coverage for this game due to the national rivalry and history.

Linda Aikins 11 years, 2 months ago

how do you spell that noise you make with your tongue when you are giving a raspberry?

That's what I think of it.

commonsense 11 years, 2 months ago

My friends and I all ready decided to boycott. Mr. Perkins continues to break tradition here at KU and I hope it backfires. I hope the Mizzou fans feel the same way taking the game out of Columbia. How funny would it be if only 10,000 people showed up. I hope it snows. I hope it's 10 degrees. I hope there's no beer sales. I hope the hot dog truck breaks down on I-70. I hope ESPN or some other major network carries it and is ridiculed for showing such a crappy game on TV with no one in the stands. Bitter my friends, Bitter!

fletch 11 years, 2 months ago

Beyond breaking tradition, let's remember that this is essentially a state institution taxing retail sales and tax income from the Lawrence community, and bringing it to the state of Missouri.

jonas 11 years, 2 months ago

Consumer1: I think we would all agree that actually euthenizing them involuntarily would be a transgression. If we were, however, to convince them of the necessity of voluntarily euthanizing themselves, then perhaps it would be a service done well.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Lew Perkins might not be the ideal AD everyone in Lawrence wants, but he has certainly upgraded a lot of the athletic facilities around campus that were allowed to crumble over the past few decades. His JOB is to make $$$ for the university and he does it. Does this allow him to make more, hell yes! Everyone who says that he is a money grubber is a hypocrite. You go to college to get a job where you can advance and get more money!

I hate that we are essentially giving up a 2007 home game, but in 2008 we will be making a million dollars for what is actually a MIZZOU home game, where we would make nothing! Hi, Oklahoma and Texas play their annual game in Dallas people! This isn't anything new. Local business makes tons of money off of the university. If you want people to keep supporting local business directly because of KU athletics, then KU needs to strengthen their programs and maintain them. That takes money.

Sorry all of the people who received a great deal on KU b-ball tickets for years are upset that they have to donate more to he univeristy now. I can't even afford that, but at least the program is elite enough to be on TV so I can watch every game from home. Welcome to the NCAA in the 21st century. That's how it works.

Regardless of who shows up, KU still makes two-million dollars on this Arrowhead deal, and probably an extra televised game both years now. Look on the bright side, at least MIZZOU fans have to travel further than KU fans for thier "home"game in 2008.

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Sean39 11 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

killjoy 11 years, 2 months ago

That is not a clear two-million. It should read a potential two-million. That is a two million minus what we would have made at Memorial. We also know that the sales will not be even fill the lower seating section. Who on earth would sit in the upper section for this game? no one. Memorial would be completely full. So, how smart is Lew now?

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

They make two million if no one shows up. That won't happen and everyone knows it. KU might have cleared a million at Memorial, but it's over Thanksgiving weekend this year. Are all of the students going to be back from Thanksgiving? What if we go into it with a losing record and cold temperatures on that day? Even if these factors wouldn't have effected a turnout at Memorial, and they would, it is still a million more over the two years.

Bone777 11 years, 2 months ago

"You go to college to get a job where you can advance and get more money" on the backs, knees, and ankles of college athletes, I guess.

The appeal of college sports, for me, was always strongly influenced by its affordability. With the top player salary being a full-ride scholarship, not as much money needed to be made to support it.

In a time that billions and billions in profits are the main focus, moving home games out of town, required 'donations' to buy season tickets.....

The high school game is looking pretty darn attractive.

crazy 11 years, 2 months ago

I say we should be keeping the money in the college towns! Many people that come to town eat out, (drink out) get hotel rooms...

Bone777 11 years, 2 months ago

They don't give a crap about the students!!!

This is about milking as many of the ex-students and faithful fans of money.

If it was about the students, the number two million would never have been mentioned. Students would not have to wait in line for limited amounts of athletic tickets of any kind, including basketball, and the biggest games would be scheduled to coincide with students being in school.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Olympic athletics, that have little or no fan support, get some of this revenue. How are they supposed to make money for KU again?

I also forgot that athletes are tortured. Why would anyone want to go to college for free? Some of them even get the opportunity to go pro or secure a good job with their degree too. What a raw deal!

We can argue about why athletes aren't being paid but that has nothing to do with this topic (I think they should). Home or away they stand the same chance of getting injured.

Even athletes that don't ever sniff the pros, can get jobs out of college easier than most because they're recognized in the community.

Enjoy highschool athletics, most of those kids have a goal of playing in college, so there must be something to it.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

All of the student saeson tickets are being honored for the Mizzou home game. That means those tickets are sold regrardless of whether of not the game is in Memorial or Arrowhead. The rivalry will generate enough single tiicket purchases, especially in Jackson county.

I Just don't know how people can keep complaining about an AD that actually makes money for the university. Doesn't anyone think it was wrong that Roy wasn't the highest paid Big 12 coach when he was here? Why was that? Because we didn't have budgets like North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.

An athletic department is a sum of several parts and each part needs to maximize the revenue it brings in. This allows KU to have the resources to hire the best coaches, have the best facilities, attract the best recuits, have the best apparell contracts etc. Is it hard to see that? If you have an opportunity to make two million guaranteed dollars, a million more than the potential for a home and away football series, why would you not take it?

Bone777 11 years, 2 months ago

Jaminrawk - Money corrupts. In the future, watch the huge amounts of cash, change college athletics, even more.

Most college athletes have a dream of playing in the pros, so they might as well exploit that as much as possible.

Money, money, money, money, mmmmoooonnnneeeeyyy

Linda Aikins 11 years, 2 months ago

I feel badly for the players. They will be in a big venue and lots of their fans will be home boycotting.



Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

The students that would go to the game in Lawrence will go to the game in Arrowhead, they just won't be able to walk from the dorms or thier apartment. I guarantee you that the KU students aren't the ones most upse about this. It's all of the people that like to complain about everything that changes. That's why all of the same people sign these message borads everyday. Because they like to complain. Period.

It's not like KC is 200 miles away. If this is such a bad idea, why don't we complain when the basketball team plays in Kemper?

Money corrupts, except when it funds scholarships, jobs generated through the univeristy athletic venues, and better facilities to give athletes an edge to perform at a high level and stay healthy. Yeah, money sucks.

commonsense 11 years, 2 months ago


When Nebraska fans come to Lawrence, I think it's safe to say that each person contributes at least $50 to $100 for their effort. Unless you don't eat, drink, buy gas, stay in a hotel room, etc. That means if each Nebraska fan spends $100 for the day (evening), that would total $3 million in dollars spent in Lawrence. Missouri probably sends 10-15 thousand people. Let's call it 15 thousand. If each person spends $100, that equals $1.5 million in revenue. I think these numbers are pretty consistent over the past few years. I never spend less than $200 on a day trip to a game and usually spend twice that much if I'm staying the night. The money I spend is on the things I mentioned earlier. Food, Drink, Gas, Hotel. Nothing to crazy or unnecessary. So we make the same money or more, we sell out our stadium, we keep the rivalry alive and well, we help out our local business partners, we sell our sold out stadium and enthusiastic night life to our visiting recruits, we don't have to drive 45 minutes and probably pay for parking, etc. etc. This game at Arrowhead is all about Politics. Look at the KU Football messageboard and view the photo of Perkins in front of an empty Arrowhead stadium against OU a while back!

Kontum1972 11 years, 2 months ago

DUI in KCMO is the best.....its a long drive back to larryville...and dont forget the 11worth county mounties and the KHP on I-70.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Nice "projections". Two million guaranteed that goes into the KU athletic budget is a real one. If local businesses are going to go broke because of one football game, then they have the worst business plans ever. NCAA athletics are a business. Sorry to bum everyone out, but it takes money to run things well.

People flood these message boards because they are only interested in their own convenience. It's okay for "fans" to tell the program to turn down revenue that would allow the university to keep a few of the olympic sports (that make nothing) going. Higher revenue helps keep the title nine sports plentiful. Make it some other way that won't upset anyone. It's easy. Right?

Jayhawktriplegrad 11 years, 2 months ago

This one pushed me over the edge. I'm no longer defending Lew. Fire him and everybody else related to him.

thanksforcoming 11 years, 2 months ago

Bad Idea. College football games should not be played at neutral sites regardless of the money it may bring in. If I was a student at KU or MU I would be upset. If I wanted to see a football game in Arrowhead I would go watch the Chiefs. College football belongs on campus and pro football belongs in pro stadiums.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Well, you all are right. It is absolutely asinine to accept so much money. I'm sure KU did it to upset everyone. We should give everyone free tickets and gift baskets to all athletic events. Screw the increasing budget for meals, scholarships travel, etc. Maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away. Who needs to be competitive with Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska anyway? No, we should stand pat, change nothing, and see where it gets us. Exploring new opportunities is for people who hate local business. Lew Perkins is the reason everything sucks at KU. What kind of athletic director tries to make money? His job is to make the community happy at all times!

Lew Perkins is a carpetbegger I tell you! Someone get Al Bohl on the phone now.

budwhysir 11 years, 2 months ago

I think the decision has been made, and along with all the other decisions, it had nothing to do with what the fans think and all to do with making money.

sgtwolverine 11 years, 2 months ago

First: yes, high school athletics are well worth watching. Some areas go completely overboard with some sports, even in high school (like Texas football; Ohio also has such areas, like Massillon -- right, ohjay?), but for the most part, it's the sport without the huge financial shadow.

Second: if Michigan and Ohio State moved their football game to Ford Field or Cleveland Browns Stadium, I'd be mad. (Realistically, that's not happening, because neither pro stadium can touch the capacity of either school's stadium. But let's just go with it anyway.) I'd be mad for a lot of reasons. But as has been noted, major college athletics is a money game. The major sports are expected to produce revenue not just to fund the many non-revenue sports but to fund facility improvements. That is expected to aid in recruiting, which is expected to result in victories, which is expected to result in revenue to fund [rinse, repeat]. Ultimately, the financial benefit to the local community isn't a serious concern of the athletic department. So the A.D. saw significant revenue -- not to mention exposure outside the two college towns -- from a neutral-site game, and he took it.

It screws with tradition, and it makes people mad, and I would be mad, too. But in the context of modern major college athletics, I can't excoriate Perkins for his decision. I can disagree, and I can hate his mindset, just as I hate Bill Martin's mindset up here at Michigan (I hate the football stadium renovation plans), but he's doing what he thinks is necessary -- he's chasing the revenue.

RonBurgandy 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with sgt. This is messing with tradition, which is why it upsets me most. I want to see MU fans and their football team be ridiculed in Lawrence, not neutral KC. That is part of the fun is giving the other side a hard time. I am sure that people in Columbia enjoy returning the favor (along with some empty bottles of Jack Daniels). But this is what ADs do, and it's hard to believe that any other person in Lew's position would not have explored this opportunity.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

I totally agree with Sgt. (it's like he read my mind). I'm a proud KU alum. I'd love to have this game here, but KU needs money to make the athletic program to work. Talking about losing tradition is like grasping for an era that was gone long ago, only KU didn't notice until they were forced to cut athletic programs because of a budget shortfall. People can complain, but no one ever offers a better solution. Until Perkins puts the university into a fiscal crisis (which doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon), he will be the AD.

We can offer money raised by people from Nebraska and Mizzou, etc., but isn't the goal to build the program to the point that we don't have 10,000-15,000 available tickets for rival school supporters? Would that hurt local business too? If they can't come they wouldn't have the opportunity to drop their Lincoln, Nebraska dollars here would they?

killjoy 11 years, 2 months ago

Jaminrawk, Any money made will still not be that much more that we get at Memorial. If you think as many students will attend at Arrowhead, you're not in touch with reality. If you don't think that matters, then you're clueless about what the game is for.

No, I don't think Roy deserved to be paid more and I certainly don't think either Mangino or Self deserve increases. Neither one is a good fit at KU.

If Lew want to bring in more money then he needs to work harder and not do it by screwing the students, alumni, and fans (and everyone else locally). Apparently, he's forgetting that he needs our financial support too.

budwhysir 11 years, 2 months ago

I bet while you are there you can buy a Chiefs sweater and hat if you want. The best thing I can see is that the price of gas will go back up

sgtwolverine 11 years, 2 months ago

Bud, it's not that nobody agrees with you -- it's just that you weren't verbose enough. I think you should try to use a lot of unnecessary words, like I did.

Killjoy, I think you're overreacting a bit. I don't know if this actually qualifies as "screwing" everyone. If he scheduled a home game in Idaho, maybe. In KC? Maybe not so much.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

You're right, a million dollars for a non-home game in 2008 is pennies. Do you think that they took this deal because it's going to make the same amount of money? Do the research. Not being in touch with reality is saying; "Any money made will still not be that much more that we get at Memorial." Hmm, lets see ... one million guaranteed in 2007 and one million for an away game, that we would normally make nothing for, in 2008. A kindergartner could do that math.

How should Lew bring money in killjoy? What do you think would make everyone happy and generate money?

Apparently, Dana Anderson, the man most responsiible for donating to the athletic department, has no problem with Lew. We have a new strength and conditioning center and the football coaches are getting their football facility next to the stadium. I think the Perkins era has been good for football. The football team ended the K-State winnign streak not to mention the Nebraska winning streak.

RonBurgandy 11 years, 2 months ago

nudist - it looks as though Mangino is about to keel over in that photograph...

Kuku_Kansas 11 years, 2 months ago

Jaminrawk--I am with you on this one.

The fact is, people hate change.

ohjayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

sgt- I can definitely avow for the craziness that is OH high school football. I grew up not more than 35 miles from Massillon and its next-door neighbor Canton (home of the McKinley Bulldogs). The Massillon-McKinley game rivals in spirit and fervor any college rivalry. The two schools are about 7 miles apart. Both schools have state-of-the-art facilities, complete with turf. In fact, McKinley's home stadium is Fawcett Stadium, home of the NFL's Hall of Fame game. They both athletic departments probably have budgets that are greater than most of the small towns in OH. The thing is, I can't imagine anyone offering enough money to get them to move the game to a neutral site.

As for the question at hand, after I've bored everyone, I can understand why they are doing it. That doesn't mean I like it. If I were still a student, I'd be quite upset. I never had a car when I was out there. Even if I did, I doubt I'd have the money to pay for gas to drive there, plus pay the money to park in the lot.

sgtwolverine 11 years, 2 months ago

Ohjay, I had to accompany your description with pictures: Massillon's Paul Brown Stadium:

McKinley's Fawcett Stadium:

Here in Michigan, we don't have that kind of a scene. Usually I'm glad for that. It's cool, but I think I prefer a smaller high school scene.

killjoy 11 years, 2 months ago

I'll give you the away game revenue, but to quote Lew,"Each team is guaranteed $1 million for each game, similar to what the University makes at an average home game." Nothing gained on the other game and probably as much lost in the community.

KU's only offensive weapon graduates this year. We'll be weak for the next couple of years. Do you think it was wise to schedule a "home" game away from home? Look at our away record. Our total W/L record affects recruiting.

Dana Anderson's name doesn't lend any validation to your argument, in fact it supports the point of fund-raising done right. Additionally, to that point, the loss of parking and tailgating space is also detrimental. It should have been incorporated into the campus better. than just placed on top of that area.

The"Perkins era" has had no impact on winning at KSU or NU. That has to do with their programs having weakened.

Bottom line: It isn't worth it.

ohjayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks sgt! I forgot to mention that those two stadiums have also held the OHSAA high school football finals every year for over a decade. They split them up each year (i.e. Div I, III, V at one and Div II, IV, VI at the other, then flip the next year). They definitely love their football!

Have you ever made it to the Hall of Fame parade sgt? I think you'd enjoy it. I got Gayle Sayer's attention by yelling "Go Jayhawks!" Pretty cool.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

One million per game is the base, meaning that is the least they would make per game. The OU-KU game had over 50,000 tickets sold. The last MU - KU game at Memorial sold around 46,000 tickets.

"Dana Anderson's name doesn't lend any validation to your argument, in fact it supports the point of fund-raising done right. " - So we should just bleed our rich alumni even more?

You didn't offer one good way to raise money. Not one.

budwhysir 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks sgt.

You know folks with all the rule changes in college football this year, this is a pretty good fit. And with the expense of goal posts nowadays, why not let the owners at Arrowhead worry about this while we come on home and admire our empty football field.

I remember back in the 50s when the baseball team played on the football field every other weekend. But, we didnt worry about the money back then

budwhysir 11 years, 2 months ago

They should spend more time calculating things like, how many people are with me and not going to the game anymore.

Once again, we need to focus on more min. wage jobs right here in our town. but now we take a football game and move it to another state. But oh well the school still makes money but no one in town will be able to proft.

RonBurgandy 11 years, 2 months ago

TOB - I guess he "built" a stadium in between them.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, the Hunt thing makes no since. The Lamar Hunt Trophy? Does that mean that either KU or MU will be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl?

commonsense 11 years, 2 months ago

We're losing what tiny bit of tradition we have here at KU. Places like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio St., Florida, USC would never do this, (imagine ND vs Mich. in the Dome at Indianapolis) especially against their most hated rival. Even though KU is not a powerhouse in football, we still have one of the most intense and longest running rivalries west of the Mississippi; in a stadium that is the oldest west of the Mississippi. I want to hear the Campanille Bell toll, I want to see a packed stadium. I want to see students and fans cheering and kids playing cup ball on the hill. I want to walk up to the Crossing for a beer at half time or back to the tent/truck/car to tailgate. I want to see our band pour out of the stadium bowl entrance. Each year it gets worse, and I find myself staying home instead of going up to Memorial. Who wants to see KU play Florida International or Southeast Louisiana State or any other team whose location, team colors, and mascot are insignificant or unknow. KU's Football Dept. and the AD are becoming what Bill Snyder was in the 90's, except Bill Snyder won. And look at that program 5 years later. All that money and new facilities, but once again they are mediocre. We play no one of significance next year. They're fans won't travel, and a win against one of these teams is rather meaningless. So you say we can sustain ourselves with 6 other home games. Not next years home games. They are terrible. And if we lose the Mizzou game it makes it worse. So take the million right? It doesn't matter, the University and the town will still make that money if the game is here. But if we lose it, the university gets it's million, but the city loses another game, because Florida International won't bring 1 million in commerce like Mizzou will.

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

I think a big He-Man battle axe should be the trophy.

commonsense 11 years, 2 months ago

Hypothetically speaking, what if a new AD was hired at UCONN, and inorder to make more money, and get more national attn (Sponsors=Money), he moved the UCONN vs TENN Women's game out of Hartford to a larger market just over an hour away (Boston). Good idea? No, he would be persecuted. Will all this money being made now cost KU five years down the road?

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

UCONN and TENN women's teams are champions. It's different. KU-MU football needs to be creative to make money. FSU, Miami and Ohio State aren't coming to Memorial without $$$. In other words, welcome Florida International!

Jaminrawk 11 years, 2 months ago

The away game for each team guarantees them a payout better than most bowls AND they don't have to split any money with the rest of conference (like in a bowl game). Sounds like a deal to me.

radrhett 11 years, 2 months ago

The UConn Men and Women have played most of their larger games in Hartford for years - which is about 40 minutes outside of Storr's where UConn is located. The UConn fanbase is known to fervently follow and travel with the team wherever they play.

I agree with "commonsense" that it's a shame that a lot of the tradition is being sucked out of college sports. That is the reality of the world we live in, though. If KU football wants to be able to bring quality opponents to Lawrence, they will have to be willing to give up some of those non-conference home games. USC, Florida, and all of the rest of the BCS schools aren't clamoring to give up their big home dates to play in Lawrence. At this point KU has to take what they can get. The first way to get a home and home game with quality opponents is to increase exposure for the program. Arrowhead is at least an attempt to get some outside interest in the game, and if it comes with a guaranteed 2 million that's gravy.

sgtwolverine 11 years, 2 months ago

The loss of tradition is sad. But maybe it's worth noting that a place like Notre Dame lives on its tradition when it comes to football. Similar with Michigan (minus the whole "Wake up the echoes" thing). I don't think the football history of Kansas provides that same tradition, so Perkins has less to prevent him from doing this sort of thing.

Also, if Michigan/ND or Michigan/OSU moved to a neutral stadium, both fan bases would be livid. They'd raise a fuss like you've never heard. And the game would probably still sell out, or at least get close. People would be pissed, but most would still want to see the game, most likely.

snoozey 11 years, 2 months ago

Moving the venue to Arrowhead will present a sad loss of what is perhaps the most widely viewed, heavily attended and enjoyable game of the season played at Allen Fieldhouse. On the other hand, it is a very good excuse to watch the game from the Bird !!

Laura Watkins 11 years, 2 months ago

i don't think moving it to kansas city makes it neutral at all, i remember when i was growing up and people thought that since they lived in kansas city missouri they needed to pull for missouri. BOO. if auburn/alabama games moved to birmingham or mobile, there would be massive riots.

Tychoman 11 years, 2 months ago

"It's a good idea. I think it makes it more fair."

The most idiotic response I have ever seen.

vegashawk 11 years, 2 months ago

I don't think people realize how much money these games bring in for bars, mainly, around the stadium. Having managed one of the "Gameday" bars near the stadium I know first hand how much revenue the MU game generates alone. Many of the owners of these establishments are generous doners to the athletic department and have been so for quite some time, even when the Hawks didn't have much to cheer about. I understand the incentive dollars the athletic department gets for moving the game, but alienating some of the businesses that have contributed to, and, in my opinion been largely responsible for, the atmosphere that KU gamedays have become known for, is poor judgement. Football season is bar owners, and local business owners in general, time to benefit from the atmosphere on the hill. It's hard to justify essentially taking tens of thousands of dollars in sales out of the pockets of Lawrence owned businesses.

budwhysir 11 years, 2 months ago

Maybe we should run our whole city infrastructure off of sports games and have them out of state. Can you imagine the revenue generated if we played all of our sports at other venues???

I may be behind the times, and no one realy cares what I think anyhow, but I think this is the worst idea anyone ever had. A HOME game in another STATE equals an out of state game no matter how you look at it.

And they say we have a disagreement on the win loss record now, just wait till we start playing in another stadium

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