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What are you reading?

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Photo of Roxann Graber

“I’m reading ‘Beautiful Trouble,’ poems by Amy Fleury. She can put feelings into words that you don’t think anyone else is feeling. She finds connections and meaning in the most everyday objects and situations.”

Photo of Owen Cox

Stealth Democracy,’ by John R. Hibbing (and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse). It’s about how American citizens think democracy is supposed to work.”

Photo of Diana Buchanan

Julie and Julia,’ by Julie Powell. It’s about the author spending a year cooking all the recipes in a Julia Child’s cookbook. She calls it her year of cooking dangerously.”

Photo of Greg Stites

The March Up,’ by Bing West and Ray L. Smith. It’s about the struggle that our boys are going through in Iraq.”

Photo of Becky Nevergold

“I just got ‘Pigs in Heaven,’ by Barbara Kingsolver, and I would highly recommend her book, ‘The Poisonwood Bible.’”


ms_canada 11 years, 3 months ago

I think that I would like to read Greg Stites current read, The March Up. Although perhaps I better not. My blood pressure might go through the ceiling. I am reading State of Denial by Bob Woodward, one of my favourite authors. I love the way his methodical mind works and am amazed at the candor of the government and military men when he interviewed them. It was no holds barred and the truth came out.
In his other books, especially Plan of Attack, I always found Mr. Woodward to be fair and open minded. He never seemed to take sides. Good book.

trinity 11 years, 3 months ago

ots in the ljw.

last book read-jimmy buffett's latest-it was great!

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