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Why is it important for students to have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off of school?

Asked at Central Junior High School on January 16, 2007

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Photo of Stephanie Crandon

“To be able to understand how powerful his message was and to appreciate everything he did.”

Photo of Ashley Rector

“I think it gives us more of a chance to celebrate his life with our family and do more in our community.”

Photo of Michael Smith

“To remember the importance of what he did for everyone with his influence.”

Photo of Keirstin Addington

“Because Martin Luther King Jr. served a monumental role in the history of the country and we should have the day off to reflect on what he did.”

Photo of Asher O'Connor

“I really don’t see why actually. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, and I like having the day off, but I don’t see the point of not going to school.”

Photo of Marissa Martin

“It makes people remember what he did. Some kids are just like ‘Yeah, it’s a day off,’ but it really gives you the chance to think about it.”

Photo of Olie Bowden

“Because he fought against racism, which was such a huge thing at the time and is still a huge issue today.”

Photo of Martha Allen

“I think kids notice it more when they have the day off. We have more time to appreciate the holiday.”


Rocky760 7 years, 3 months ago

i know why, it was nice to have a day off

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