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What do you know about Social Security?

Asked at Lawrence High School on January 9, 2007

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Photo of Megan Moore

“I know that it might not be there in the future, which is scary because I think it’s very important.”

Photo of Whitney Coleman

“I know we’re in trouble because of the baby boomers.”

Photo of Sam Anderson

“I learned a little while ago that people my age can expect to receive a negative point 7 percent return on the money we put in.”

Photo of Brittney Raybern

“Absolutely nothing. I’m not going to lie.”

Photo of Chris Paradies

“I know they are trying to reform it because of the Baby Boom. I know you receive it when you get older or go on disability; and that they take it out of your paycheck.”

Photo of Kandice Hall

“They take it out of your paycheck for people who are retired, but the problem is that it’s running out. When my mom and dad get old enough there won’t be much left, and there won’t be any left for us.”

Photo of Ursula Rothrock

“I know that it’s supposed to be running out soon, but it’s the money you’re supposed to get when you retire.”

Photo of Ben Kincaid

“It’s mostly for elderly people. It’s something that you put into the system when you make money and then is paid back out to you after you’ve stopped working.”


KS 11 years, 2 months ago

Don't blame it on the baby boomers! That's like saying, gee, if they hadn't been born, we would not be having this problem! It will be there for you kids too, but you are just going to have to pay more. Prepare to have about 50-60% of your paycheck taken away for all of the social programs that everyone thinks they are entitled to in this country. You think social security is going broke, just wait for that free healthcare.

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